Friday, September 26, 2008

I woke up this morning feeling guilty about the mocking video I posted yesterday about Sarah Palin.

You know, it's the typical liberal thing to do, to sit around feeling guilty for pissing someone off, or even for potentially pissing someone off. I hate that we do this to ourselves, because the right wing seems to never give a damn what ground they scorch with their attacks.

And yet, I still fall prey to this manner of thinking, no matter how much I detest it, and perceive as weakness, in the political party that I generally support.

Now that I think about it, really, though, isn't it really rooted in human decency, this regret that people might have been angered or hurt by our words? I mean, I know it doesn't help my political bedfellows, and tends to get us laughed at by most everyone...but isn't it really sort of, you know, traditionally the role of (dare I say) the RELIGIOUS, to be concerned about others?

Whatever. I know we're ridiculous. We liberals continue to be the geeks in the locker room, pushed against the wall with our pants pulled down.

Nonetheless, though I do aspire to the ranks of Internet Snark Queen, I still do wish to be a force of relative good in the world. So, in the tradition of good liberals everywhere, I wish to provide a brief equivocation.

Sarah, my friend. I've been harsh on you.

Let me be clear: I do not think that you and I would hate each other, if, say, we worked together. I think we would probably have very nice conversations at the copier (though I might suddenly have to busy myself looking about the room for toner if you started going on about how great your church is).

I will go so far as to say that I believe my readers in Alaska when they say that they think she is a reasonably good governor. I'm not there, who am I to say? Her policies are anathema to mine, but I hear that, really, she's not as bad as a lot of the hard-core Republicans up there. I personally think that sounds like a comparison of, say, black bears to grizzly bears, in the "Which do I want at my picnic?" scenario, but...hey. Like I said, you live in your state, and I'm not to judge.

(Oh, by the way? Our governor? Rick Perry. The awesomest quote of last week? Not Palin, not McCain. Rick Perry, who said, regarding Hurricane Ike (and our recently-arsoned Governor's Mansion: "I absolutely understand they want to get back to their homes ... I'd like to get back to the mansion.")

Perhaps it is not fair to post one clip from an interview, in which a tongue-tied Sarah clearly panicked, and reverted to talking points out of sheer desperation. (However, there were obviously others, including the awesomeness about Putin rearing his head over Alaska.) God knows Joe Biden (a.k.a. Gaffey McGaffesalot) puts his effin' foot in his mouth on a regular basis, and I could easily find an hour's worth of his blowhardy nonsense to post for funnin'.

And, believe me, I could, in no way, shape or form, do any of these interviews. I'm OK on a keyboard, but tend to stammer over my words in real-life conversation, and have inconvenient mental lapses JUST when I need to have all the facts at my disposal to hammer a point home to some jackass who questions me.



And, if Barack had put in the call to me to run with him, I would have said..."Um, NO. Because I am not smart enough. And I did too much stupid shit in college. And I'm a big pussy, and I'd cry if people called me fat. So...NO."

So, what is that soft liberal center of me saying about Sarah? Honestly, it wants me to feel sorry for her. As Kathleen Parker (!) said, today, she is clearly out of her league. I can just envision her asking Todd to spirit her away from all this crap, and bring her back home to Alaska, where they like her, and do not expect her to spout forth wisdom on topics she never considered until three weeks ago.

My old age brings me, however, to a kind of hardened cynicism. I do feel sorry for you, Sarah, that you got roped into this situation. Hey, you guys may pull this thing out and win, yet...what do I know?

However, if you don't, then please remember that this was, ultimately, your choice. You could have known your limitations and refused; however, you chose to believe your own arrogance and ambition rather than the nose on your face.

So, in that respect, I feel that publishing your words as you uttered them - and mocking them accordingly - is not off-base. This is the national spotlight. Is it everything you wanted?

Debate-watchin' time. I've got my bowl of pretzels and my fizzy water at the ready.

Please slam him to the mat, B.O.


Po said...

Don't feel bad. A lot is at stake here.

Anonymous said...

You know...I sorta know where you're coming from. I've felt that way before after completely trouncing someone in an argument.

But do not feel bad at all. There is nothing wrong with your vid post and nothing wrong with your comments on the vid post. This is the candidate being put forward by the "Country First" party (?#@??!!)

Seeing the way McShame mumbled and coughed and pouted his way through his miserable debate performance, it is VERY likely this woman would be put in the Prez position. Our country and our life is too serious for this kind of horsecrap. I would love to be a waiter and make all that tip money and drink after work. But I know that I would SUCK as a waiter, so I don't apply.

Anonymous said...


A few points:

First, feeling bad for mocking someone is not a religous characteristic, its a moral/human one. Religions tend to encompass this because at their best, they're organizations that promote the care and welfare of our fellow human beings. Unfortunately, and that leads me to my next point, religions can calm and assure us that what we are doing is right and give us a measure of security in this uncertain world. However some percentage of people will fill whatever squares (that they see) in their belief system, then you are a Righteous Person. (Doesn't have to be religion, just a belief system). Anyway, to a thinking person there is nothing more frightening than a Righteous Person in power. Both in your nation or in your rival's. Bush is righteous light, Palin is righteous regular strength. Did you see the absolute certainty in her gleaming eyes in the Couric interview? And she will be a 70 something's hearbeat away from the PRESIDENCY? That just makes my nuts tighten up in fear.


PS. She was not "roped into this". I reckon saying no was an option. As a matter of fact, McCain's people most likely didn't look deeply enough into her circumstances. My read is that is certain of herself and incredibly ambitious. I'll be interested in seeing the debate between the guy with the "drop dead gorgeous wife" and Palin. Lets see who messes up the least.