Monday, September 08, 2008


OMG, ppl. I am in a full-blown anxiety attack about the election, and it is NINE WEEKS AWAY.

My symptoms?

  • General sleeplessness and angst. I realized tonight that I have effectively been pacing since I got home from work. My head hurts. Friday night, I was awake, worrying, until 1:30 A-fucking-M. Not watching TV, not reading...just worrying.
  • I am compulsively reading Wonkette, Electoral-Vote.Com, Salon, and Daily Kos. Seriously, like five-six times A DAY. APIECE.
  • Over the course of the last week, I gave money THREE TIMES. Twice to Barack Obama and once to MoveOn.Org. Not a lot. We don't have a lot. But, still, THREE TIMES in a WEEK. (I gave the most during Palin's speech.)
  • It is getting very very difficult to avoid my evening glass(es) of wine, diet or no diet.
  • Irrational kitten acquisition:

Stellaluna. "Stella," for short. Eight weeks old. NO, THIS WAS NOT WELL THOUGHT OUT. I TOLD you I needed to start drinking again.

Hey, she was free with a bag of food at my vet's office. Now, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?


cdees39 said...

1. Step away from the TV.

2. OMG she is so cute!! I love kittens. I live in a house with 16 yr old, 14 yr old, and 8 yr old cats. I need kitten antics!

stacey r. said...

After watching the convention last week as well I finally donated some money as well. To and Obama.
I'm nervous about the election too. I wish Obama would stop being so nice and just kick McCain/Palin ass! It would be so easy!
No kitten, never again! Cactus has put me well off kittens.

Karla said... kitten with bag of food? Does this mean every time you buy food you get another cat? DAYUM that is the most brilliant way to sell food i have ever heard of! Everytime you buy food you get another mouth to feed, effin' BRILLIANT!

More seriously, if Republicans win again, that will seriously impact whether I come back to the US again soon or not. So, if you DON"T want Karla to come home, Vote Republican! Simple!

And yeah, you look HAWT in that picture. You look 28 and perky as hell.

Lee said...

I'd always heard about the crazy cat ladies. I didn't think I was marrying one.

St. Murse said...

Remember, polls of likely voters don't include all those new folks who flocked to the Democratic primaries and caucuses this year. More ads like the new "not mavericks" one should help.