Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hey, I thought I was joking in my last post...but it turns out Wasilla really IS the meth capital of Alaska.

Hey, what can I say? I'm from Missouri! I can smell good meth across an entire continent.


Shelia said...

Hey Mags, I'm a faithful reader from Wasilla, and those statistics are wayyyy skewed! Notice it says "area" and then refers to an incident in Big Lake, which is NOT Wasilla. Big Lake is about 40 minutes from Wasilla!

Let me explain... because AK is sooo huge, they funnel outlying court cases through only a handful of courthouses. Mat-Su Borough gets ALL the outlying areas within our designated zone. Therefore, all the statistics show criminal/drug activity as coming from Wasilla/Palmer. We even get Kenai/Soldotna's overflow and they are 250 miles away, bypassing Anchorage completely.

All those village problems (rape, incest, drugs, etc.) funnel through the Mat-Su and make it appear to be a Valley problem. I suppose anybody can skew numbers and stats to serve their purposes.

I live in Wasilla and don't believe for one second that our drug problem is any worse than anyplace else. I lived in San Antonio for 8 years and saw more drug activity than I've ever seen here! I lived in VA Beach for 4 years and saw it there too. It's everywhere!

I hate it when they pick on our town because it's no different than most others. Because of where we live we have to put up with people who are "outside" seeing things from only their perspective, not realizing that things are significantly different up here because of how many people there are and how things are so spread out.

Just FYI!

Mags said...

Hi Shelia,

Like I said, I was really just kidding.

I'm from Missouri, crank capital of the US. People who live, "crystal" houses can't throw stones.

Shelia said...

No worries.. I didn't take offense! However, I kinda like to gossip and "throw stones" so I have to watch and duck if my mouth gets ahead of my brain. Just thought I'd throw my thoughts into the mix... Wasilla is kinda getting a bashing lately and it sucks for those of us who are "Valley Trash" and who love it here!