Wednesday, September 17, 2008

But of COURSE you can see more pictures of Stella!

Everybody loves the kitten.The kids:

The dog:

Curbie (her identical, yet two years older and completely unrelated, twin):

And, The Man, who - as I've previously noted, plays the curmudgeon well - actually took all these pictures, while cooing "Awww...Mags, come and see this!"

However, there is the matter of this shelter cat I'm considering adopting.

SHE - though possessing of significant and endearing cat/person adoration - DOES NOT LIKE THE KITTEN. Or Patsy, our old cat who couldn't care less about all this foolishness. Or the dog. Or ESPECIALLY not Curbie.

Meet Iris (nee Shirley):

I am really not sure what to do about Iris. I've literally, in my 38 years (and not one day over, bitch, even if my birthday is coming up,) NEVER met a cat that was more into people. She is very, super-fabulously sweet...BUT, there's the matter of the bloodcurdling screeching three times a day when Curbie walks in the room. (To be fair, though, Curbie is a total dick. A handsome, smug, charming little fucker, but a dick nonetheless. He's kind of the Jude Law of cats.)

Anyone want a totally lovely cat? Who doesn't already have a cat?

Are there even such people in the world?

1 comment:

Karla May said...

Thank you for honoring my request!!

I would now like for you to serve me Stella on a cracker with an extra helping of cute sauce, please.


And no, I have no good advice to give about Iris.