Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Read this story from the Nation...

and be very, very afraid.

Last year, I wrote a post mocking the "Left Behind" know, the one in which you get to play evangelist Christian warriors blowing away the non-believers? Or, in the height of Strangelovian absurdity, you can switch sides over to the Antichrist, and mow down the Christians instead?

The fact that this crap - denounced by everyone from the Anti-Defamation League to the author of Bush's "compassionate conservatism," Marvin fucking Olasky - exists in Bush's world does not faze me; but, get this: It's about to become part of a sanctioned Department of Defense initiative in Iraq, which encourages playing this game as part of its PROSELYTIZING movement towards the evangelical Christianization of the fighting forces. (See, it helps making all that murder of Muslims more fun! 'Cause you get a high score! And it says "Praise the Lord!" every time you blow one of their heathen fucking heads off!)

We - yes, you, and me - are sending our taxes for an "entertainment force" - so that fucking Billy Baldwin and Evander Holyfeld can go to Iraq and go on...their words, and the words of their psychotic founder...a "crusade."

OK, let this sink in. Our government. Is supporting. A CRUSADE. IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

God, why do I even get up anymore?


Karla May said...

I'm speechless. Simply speechless. I don't know whether to cry or throw up or punch something.

Blind fucking fury. How can this country--that I dearly love--be in the hands of such dangerous assholes?

Mommy? Can I go back to sleep now? That was just a bad dream, right?

Karla said...


*head explodes*