Sunday, August 05, 2007

Portland recap

I am reasonably well enough now to recap the vacation...though I am at present not allowed to not take any of my meds for THREE WHOLE DAYS whilst I wait for this inner ear test that I'm going to have on Wednesday.

(This made for a rather funny interlude with a neighbor lady down the street that I was just having a conversation with. Right in the middle of it, I just kind of fell backwards and staggered to keep my balance, and I had to utter some lame-ass statement like "No, I'm not drunk, I just have vertigo. Really." But I digress.)

(Actually, that whole conversation was kind of funny, because, I was looking for my cat Hank, who has been missing for three weeks, presumed lost forever, and I just happened to mention this to this woman, who was, like, " you mean the little brown tabby that's been coming over here forever, and we've been feeding for some time?" And I'm all, like, erm, "YEAH, THAT ONE." What a disloyal little shit! She just couldn't stand the puppy, and got a better gig! But, no, she doesn't get to stay there. I'm forcing the bitch home, and I'm going to let the damn dog lick her all over as punishment. But, I'm still digressing.)

1) YG in the blueberry patch.

2) Blackberries.

3. The MotherLode.
OMFG, people, these were the most fantastic FUCKING berries I have ever had in my LIFE. (All that, by the way? Twelve bucks.) I ate them plain, in my cereal, in a rather amazing cobbler...any way they serve them, I'll put them into my body somehow. I am still having sex dreams about them.)

4) Some drunk-ass motherfucker at the Portland Brewer's Festival:

5) More of the same, but with our dear friends Todd and Bill, whom were gracious enough to haul our drunk (in his case) and dizzy (in mine) asses around town for a week:

6) The cutest damn kid ever who isn't related to my children, but damn well could be, couldn't he?
(Yeah, there's mine, in the background, trying to take the balloon away from the baby. I raise 'em right, don't I?)

7) YG, eating some fair food heretofore unknown to me - and how could this be, I'm not sure - called an "Elephant Ear." It's a ginormous slab of dough that is fried, and then dusted in sugar and cinnamon. And then it is shoved into our mouths. A lot.

8) OG on the Oregon coast.

It's beautiful. And it's really really really cold. That's as far as any of us got into the ocean, by a long shot. (And she doesn't have any nerve endings, so that's saying something.)

9) A starfish.

I don't think I've ever seen a live one. And now, I have. And really cool, bright-green anemones.

10) A view from Mt. Hood, of Mt. Ranier and Mt. St. Helens in the waaaay back background, with the lovely daughters of our friends, with the added benefit of my older child being rather pissy:

11) Just for Karla, a Big Head OG from Mt. Hood, with Mt. Ranier in the background:

We did tons of other stuff, too...we went to the beautiful Rose Garden, rode the cable car up the big hospital hill, went to Stumptown Roasters and attended the bizarre "cupping" service (and got a little snobbiness, but, damn if the coffee doesn't back it up. It totally rocks!) The Man went on a bicycle brewery tour, which I'm sure he'll be raving about over at his blog any day now.

Oh, and we went to the Body Worlds exhibit - where they have all the plasticized dead bodies splayed out in funky poses- which was super-cool, and really not even the slightest bit disturbing. (Except having to listen to the OG exclaim "Look, I see his PENIS!" several times, LOUDLY.)

And now? Off to bed with my Valium-less, mildly-dizzy-but-not-sick self. Jeebus, it's been a long two weeks. (I think my husband is also now shopping for a new sister-wife, if you get my meaning.)


Anonymous said...

Damn, you rock.

Karla May said...

Um...the similarities betwixt us just keep freaking me out. I too have very VERY dear friends who live in Portland and was just whining to them about how GJ and I need to visit.


Glad ya'll had fun. The pics are awesome. I mean a real live starfish? Come ON!