Saturday, August 25, 2007

More Gay Republican Tragedy

See? SEE?

I'm sorry. I don't mean to make light of murder/suicide. I cannot imagine the pain that the families of these men are going through, and I wish with all my heart that it had not happened.


I believe that there is a cautionary tale here, one that keeps playing out, over and over again.

For the record:

If you are gay, do not, I repeat, DO NOT, join the Republican Party. They preach hatred and discrimination against you and others like you. (Yes, many are secretly gay themselves, and this may lend itself to fun, hot, "taboo" sexual encounters, but this is not enough of a reason to enmesh yourselves with people who will only cause you to HATE YOURSELF and thus to make extremely poor life decisions.)

I loves me the gays. Oh, my friends, please, please, abandon this Republican culture that hates you. Head on over to some of their websites...say, Free Republic...and search for the term "faggot," and prepare for a pretty huge number of hits. They won't even make you richer, like some of you think they will. Look at the economy for the past eight years, and compare it to the previous eight, if you think I'm lying.

Quit hiding in self-loathing isolation. Cross over, children! Come into the light! Come out, come over, and join our ranks. We need you, your activism, your culture, your passion, and your contributions. When we take back over - the presidency, for starters, and the Supreme Court, as soon as we bloody well can - it's going to be all good.
Speaking of outrage...who's going to go arrest Ted Nugent for getting caught on video waving a machine gun around and saying that Barack Obama (the "piece of shit") and Hillary Clinton (the "worthless bitch") should "suck on it" and "ride it," respectively?

Now, if I can't bring a goddamn water bottle on an airplane - and I've never fired so much as a BB gun - surely this merits some involvement from Homeland Security, doesn't it?
OK, Mister Digital Scale. (I assume you are a man, because you are a dick.) Two days, scrupulous point-counting, and exercise, and all you give me is a half-pound off so far*?

You want to play it that way? Fine. Oh, we'll play, mofo; we'll play.

Egg Beaters for breakfast, and pea pods and tuna for lunch. Fucker.

*I swear, I can remember, in college, that I once lost 17 pounds in three weeks. And I think all I did was give up beer and pizza.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mags,

Not even a BB gun? What about a water pistol, huh? Too violent?

Really, I would buy more guns if I could, because, like, shooting guns is FUN! How can you possibly have beaten me on the evil quiz?

How's this for evil: I still weigh exactly the same as I did when we hung out with the gang in Hudson. However, I will never tell anyone how this is accomplished due to a deal I made with the dieting industry. Heh heh!

Seriously, I know for a fact that at least 'the man' likes a bit of rubenesque in his salad now and then. Or did I mean arugula?

You are beautiful!


'the nice guy'

Karla May said...

Whoot! Now Jaye and I aren't the only ones on Weight Watchers. I've lost 7lbs. so far (in 4 weeks, mind you), and I'm planning on staying on this sucker until at least the end of the year. We can be points dorks together!!