Friday, August 03, 2007


am upright again.

I still stagger a little when I walk, but it's improved greatly. Now, it's more like a tipsy Vegas maven havin' a watered-down cocktail at the slots. Previously, it resembled a spring break co-ed sloshed on Coco Locos headed for a wet t-shirt contest in Cancun.

Praise be to ye trio of gods: Antivert (prescription,) the motion sickness patch placed stylishly behind my ear, and the almighty Zeus of prescription drugs, Lord Valium (of which my hunky ENT increased my dosage, because it simply weren't workin' before tonight. Have I mentioned that I love him?)

Sadly, I can't access the big computer - where my pictures are stored - to show you our lovely Portland vacation, as The Man has commandeered it to watch some damn track meet. But I shall, in good time, do so.

Lord Valium says for me to tell you "Peace out" now. Because everything? Is O.K.

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Karla said...

WEll...congrats on the valium? You always score the GOOD drugs.

I am sorry about the meniere's disease, though are they sure? I mean, like, that sucks ass.

My grandmother had "bad balance" and would just sort of tip over every so often when she was walking. She never said she was dizzy, just that her inner ear was imbalanced.

How does the valium work? I would think it would add to the dizzy...things like that always make me loopy as hell.

I'm thinking of you and I hope it's just a one time thing....