Thursday, August 23, 2007


I stepped on the scale this morning.


I admit to having eaten and drunk with semi-abandon while on vacation, but that was for the sum total of like 17 days, out of 90. I eat egg beaters and sliced turkey for approximately 75% of the summer, and I still weigh this, this horrifying amount, that I have not weighed in several years? Really?

This is completely impossible. Really. I did let the exercise slip...a bit...OK, a lot...but this cannot be possible; I didn't STOP exercising, refuse to leave the couch, and eat whole sticks of butter while watching "World Series of Pop Culture" marathons! Really!

I was hoping to avoid this, but I have to go back to Weight Watchers.


That was, of course, stolen from one of the few funny things I've seen on "SNL" this year, back when all Michael Vick had to worry about was being caught with a little pot on a plane: "'Really!?!' with Seth and Amy."

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