Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Awesome Bit of Awesomeness

I'm just loving the newest gay Republican story.

Seems this Bob Allen, a Florida State Representative, was arrested after he offered an undercover officer $20 to blow him in a public bathroom. No surprises there, right? I'm starting to think that being gay is a prerequisite to being a Republican. (What's that you say, Denney Hastert? Oh, yes, I did go there!)

But, get this...his excuse - for paying a man to receive a blow job from him - is that the cop was a big black guy, and there were other big black guys around, so he felt intimidated!

Soooo. In a nutshell, this guy would rather look like a racist than a faggot. AND A WIMPY RACIST AT THAT, who'd give a guy a blow job rather than say "No, thanks."

Seriously. I know some of you are Republicans out there. Are you the constituency that this man represents? Do you feel better about having racists than queers in our government? Do you sleep well at night, knowing that these people, up there in Washington or down here in Texas or wherever you might be, stand up and endorse measures of intolerance that effectively remove the civil rights of American citizens - all in the name of "family values," - when they're secretly sucking cock in public bathrooms, screwing hookers, soliciting underage boys, cheating on their wives, and happily co-habitating with their aides instead of their wives?
AND, does it register to you that these self-same lying, hypocritical assfaces made me listen to the gory details of ONE DEMOCRAT'S marital infidelity for a fucking YEAR? (I wonder if the right wing's going to be a bit more forgiving about all those little bits on the side this year, what with Rudy, John, and Newt all being front-runners?)

Again, having trouble with the "why do I even get up in the morning" thing.
I had an MRI tonight. Wheee! That radiologist guy, boy, he and I had tons of laughs.

Dr. Hunkalicious says he's pretty sure it's Meniere's, but he needs to rule out tumors and whatnot. So, in the tube I went.

I was initially regretting not lying about being claustrophobic - so they'd give me the Valium, right? - but it wasn't that bad. It was an open MRI, so I was only in the tube up until like my ribcage, and the opening in the machine was as lot bigger than the one I had about 10 years ago (which was kind of freaky, and made me wish I were on Valium, not because I'm claustrophobic, but really just for something to do.)
To bed, now. I must begin keeping normal work hours again. Fuck, I hate the end of summer vacation. I want to stay up all night long watching cable TV and web-surfing on the topic of Republican fuck-ups.


Bill Shirley said...

The punchline of the Bob Allen story is that he sponsored a bill last year to increase the punishment for lewd gay public sex.

Karla May said...

Why is that gay Republican shit making me laugh out loud (or "LOL" as the kids call it)? I should be crying, right? Like bawling big ass tears that THESE are the hypocrical asstards who are running our country?