Friday, June 02, 2006

My latest obsession

I am not usually this domestic, but these brownies are so effing amazing.

Disregard the whole "jelly roll pan" thing if you don't have one. Mix it all together, pour it in whatever pan you have, and then make the fudgy goodness to pour over the top. Stick it in the fridge for a while until the icing hardens, and you will have achieved nirvana.

If you use the new Hershey's Dark Cocoa, I guarantee an involuntary physical reaction (the good kind) upon biting into them.

(Note: This is not aphotograph of my actual brownies. It did not occur to me to serve them on a plate garnished with both white and dark chocolate chips, raspberries, and with a festive red tablecloth and gold mug of what I can only assume is beef gravy. )

I served them over the sink, so as not to get the crumbs all over the couch. Because I am genteel.


Karla said...

Quit making me snort liquids out my nose. You are too funny.

JoyBugaloo said...

Here's the thing. I was going to post a comment declaring you the world's funniest person. But since I found your link to the "Gallery of Regrettable Food," you just got bumped down to number 2. Still, THANKS for the laughter. You rock, and your site rocks, and I will return. --Gina

P.S. "What I can only assume is beef gravy" was what made me have to run for the bathroom...

Mags said...

Wow...thanks! *glowing*

But, I can't take any credit. I'm shamelessly copying my other blogger friends (see names to the right). They're way more funnier than I am.

JoyBugaloo said...

If you came up with Piloh Shitt, then YOU, my new friend, are the SHITT!!

Regardless, I feel I should tell you that I love "Lost" more than life itself (it fills an X-Files-shaped void still inside me from when Duchovny left the series). AND your pasta salad sounded so good that I made it tonight,and it truly was delish! So I have come to the conclusion that we were separated at birth. Either than, or I'm your first crazy stalker. But don't worry--I won't be getting your/Sienna's cute shag. That is to say, I won't be going "Single White Female" on you. Tee hee. ;-) --Gina