Thursday, June 15, 2006

Keira Knightley's Jaw

In case you were wondering what Keira Knightley's jaw is up to these days, you can track its movements here.

I actually like Keira Knightley, but yes, her jaw is enormous. I can see that it has a life of its own.


Karla said...

Ha! ha! Her jaw does scare's so...powerful.

But then, so does Reese Witherspoon's chin. Determined, a mind of its own, it will point you to death if you are not careful.

Rachael said...

okay.. she has a square jaw people. IT doesnt have a life of it's own.
i think it is beautiful.
i have a square jaw too.

atleast she doesnt have some nonexistent jaw or chin or something.

Anonymous said...

actually,keira has a long face...
its becz she is skinny,thats why her bone looks big and juts out..
her face is actually really long


Russell said...

People who make their living in two dimensions need features that jut out. In real life, the test would be this: Is she a caring, loving, sexy person? Real life is in three dimensions.