Tuesday, June 06, 2006


The previous post is an example of why you should NOT BLOG WHILE INTOXICATED, people.

That is a very dangerous undertaking! One might just hop onto a soapbox, or a high horse. And then one might fall off, now, mightn't one? Because one was probably very wobbly after consuming the lion's share of a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc plus some more of that strong beer at the Noxious's house the other night, now, wasn't one?

Ah, well, the Mags is in a good mood now. When Bush is at a 56% disapproval rate IN TEXAS, then the moon must be in the seventh house, and Jupiter has aligned with Mars.

Upon a cursory review, this is apparently doomed to be a shortish, nonsensical post. I have decided to post the kids' pictures, but I guess I should actually go feed them first. (They are such a hassle; "feed me" this and "clothe me" that.)

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