Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hell's Bells, Bookhart!

Bookhart's meme has kept me too damn busy to come up with any original ideas OF MY OWN. I will try to finish it tomorrow. Jeez! I never thought it would be this hard to come up with bands and songs I hate. I hate lots of stuff!

So, this is the best meme I can come up with, and it's short. Consider yourself challenged.

1) What is the coolest, hippest thing in your pantry?

Mine is the bottle of Asian ginger-plum dipping sauce. Maybe the Norwegian chicken curry mix.

2) What is the least hip, most embarrassing thing you have in your pantry?

Hill Country Fare Vienna Sausages. Mixed meat; chicken, pork, AND beef.

(Fuck if I didn't have to struggle to find that first one. Crap. Having children really cramps my style.)


Karla said...

You still haven't made that curry mix? Jeez! Do you need another translation?

ArlingtonJB said...

Hippest Pantry Item - Several packages of soba and udon noodles from the Japanese Supermarket. No English words on the packages, so I can't give any details, but they're good.

Least Hip Pantry Item - Oatmeal...

Badger said...

Hee! My #1 would either be the tin of Lyle's Golden Syrup or the big cello bag of panko. Or maybe the pistachio oil DH brought me from France.

#2 is lemon jello mix. Or wait, maybe it's the canned cream of mushroom soup!

Milena said...

If I had a blog, both the hippest and non-hippest thing in my pantry is Sour Puss, which is a vile yet enticing candy red sweet liquor (courtesy of Mr. Fisher.) It is topped by a deteriorating rubber "Beverage Clown" multi-finger puppet with a highly distorted face. It's funny, scary, hip and dorky all rolled into one. (Yes, the liquor is right above the boxes of mac and cheese.)

And when's the last time you read the word "dorky?" Now, say it three times fast with a cockney accent.

Anonymous said...

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