Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Am I Sienna or Not?

Sienna Miller, and me:

The resemblance is UNCANNY, I tell you. We're like twins.

You don't see it? Wait, here's my Sienna pose:

And the "no more paparazzi" one:

And the one with some random child who just happened to be passing by the limo:

I went to our neighborhood ritzy salon (well, OK, it's the lower-priced version of the downtown REAL ritzy salon) to see if they could shag me good. And, they did...except that I CANNOT reproduce their cool round brushing techniques when I get home, no matter how often I study them. So, even the best haircut usually starts to look the same on me after a couple of days.

But, for you people, I tried. And - and this is a point that should not be ignored - I put on lipstick. Yes, in the summer.

It's all you. It's all for you.


oky said...

maybe sienna is you..

Bookhart said...

You're prettier.

Badger said...

You look fabulous! I'm so getting mine on Friday. Except I want it just a little shorter.

And I'm thinking of going blonde.

I promise to post pictures, even if they suck.

Karla said...

You've always had the coolest hair. And Bookhart is right, you ARE prettier.

I am curious: lipstick in summer. Have I been gone too long, or is this not comfortable? Do lips sweat?

I do remember it being too hot to wear jeans...or really, clothes for that matter.

Lee said...

Wait, that's NOT you on the cover of Vogue?

Mags said...

I don't put on lipstick in the summer, because I don't work in the summer. Hell, you're lucky to see me in something besides a ratty tank top and my soft grayish (used to be black) shorts with the bleach stain on them.

Now, that's a sexy image, eh?

Karla said...

Funny thing is: I know the EXACT outfit of which you speak, having seen you in it many times. Black tank top, right? You are so cute.

eh, you should see me now: My nylon work out shorts and a bikini top. I am about to go wash dust and pollen off every surface of our deck. And the windows. And there are LOTS of windows. and lots of dust and pollen.