Sunday, June 25, 2006

I never have quiet weekends at home.

Howdy there! What's new, cabbages? It has been a few days since I've sat down at the computer. Much has occurred over the past little bit of time.

We've been recovering from our beach trip; there's been excitement afoot. The younger girl fell from the trampoline, and has a lovely shiner over her left eye. (As it turns out, the only thing worse than saying, "I slapped my kid upside the head when she didn't do as she was told" is, in fact, "She fell out of the trampoline. On her face.")

She's fine; but there was an ER trip involved. By the time she actually got there, of course, she was singing and laughing, fully determined to charm the late Thursday night ER staff entirely. By tonight, Sunday, she's gotten so much mileage out of it that I daresay she's going to punch herself in her own eye from time to time just so people will exclaim and coo over her. I look forward to many more years of visits from Child Protective Services.

In other news, yesterday, our friend Amy decided, for her birthday, to conduct a full, costumed, drunken enactment of "Annie," held at a local theater (off hours). I'd say there were about 50 people there plus a bunch of kids. Many were costumed (myself included,) many were drunk on gin and tonics at 10 in the morning (ditto). Sadly, my camera decided to die yesterday morning, so there are no extant photographs of me in my Miss Hannigan outfit. Damn. There was a wig involved, and a red bra, and Mardi Gras beads, and a flask. (Oh, and fair warning to all of you - should you ever find yourself in a situation in which you are expected to perform a largely impromptu 30's period piece musical with many of your friends, DO NOT listen to your significant other if he or she suggests that it would be a good idea to put REAL gin in your prop flask, as that would be "method acting." This, as it turns out, is a BAD IDEA.)

Full kudos to Amy, was a great idea, and it was fun as shit. Older Girl really enjoyed her turn as Annie, and Younger Girl was befuddled but participatory as an orphan in several scenes. I am inspired to do something similar for my 40th birthday in a few years, but all I've ever really wanted to be in was "Godspell." I would LOVE to put that on with all my friends...but, it's not really that kid-friendly, as is "Annie." Plus, the whole crucifixion thing would probably kill my buzz. Maybe we could just skip that part?

Last night, we had friends over to play poker and say goodbye to our friends Todd and Aimee. They're moving to Portland for at least a year while Aimee finishes her Ph.D., and we will miss them terribly. I know they will miss us, too, so we let them take all of our money to remember us by.

Today, we went to Schlitterbahn, the child mecca of the Southwest. Yes, it's a water park, but it is the best waterpark ever. (Todd's suggestion for its new motto: "It's a Schlitload of Fun!") There are three now, but the original, in New Braunfels, TX, is located on the Comal River. The cool part about this place is that it actually uses the cold, clear river water from the Comal in several of the rides, rather than the nasty colored chloriny stuff. Several of the tube chutes actually empty you into the river or take you alongside it. And it's OK to do everything with a beer in your hand.

Now that Older Girl is, well, older, we went to the newer section of the park for the first time (as pictured to the right). It's a bit more ride-oriented, but damn if she's not game for everything they can throw at her. She made the Master Blaster her bitch. Younger Girl, who is more sedate, was happy to hang in several of the areas set aside for kids, but she did enjoy the wave pool that was also a tube float-river contraption. I dug that one, too. Sitting in an inner tube, with your baby on your lap, riding reasonably exciting waves without exerting much effort, if any? Nice way to spend your Sunday.

Suddenly tired. Long few days. Why hasn't anybody cleaned my house?


Mama Malcontent said...

Oh dear Lord, please do Godspell and I'm putting in dibs in for "Turn Back O Man" to relive the glory of high school theatre- Jesus was a girl to my Mary Magdalene in our wacky, day-glo dripped 80's version.

I think I can still remember the signing to Day by Day.

Mags said...

MM; sorry, no can surrender "Turn Back O Man." I MUST sing it. In a feather boa and red dress.

That's my dream; to act slutty to Jesus.

Lee said...

Good lord I'm tired. I feel like I did a really intense workout today. This was going to be the day I finally gave up coffee. Mission not accomplished. And the really funny part is that I was encouraging you to skip the evening chores last night so I could get to bed early enough to get up for a morning workout. Ha! That mission not accomplished either.

Bookhart said...

No No No! I want Turn Back O Man. Or maybe Day by Day. Just as long as I don't have to be in the dancing clown chorus like before.

I could do a good Miss Hannigan. Someday I'll step on their freckles...