Thursday, May 01, 2008

Always with the good judgment

This Wednesday was the second grade parents' turn to host "Teacher Appreciation" day for the OG's school. Dutiful mom that I am, I signed up to bring brownies.


I decide, hey, these are really good teachers, it's a sucky time of the year (Wednesday was TAKS day, even,) and they deserve better than a mix, they deserve THESE brownies. Which are incredible, what with the boiled fudge icing and the real buttermilk and the two whole sticks of butter and the extra-dark Hershey's cocoa. (And then, dang it, you have all this buttermilk left over, and so you HAVE to make homemade buttermilk biscuits. Fuck. No wonder I'm fat.)

Anyway, the brownies were done, and as I pulled them out of the oven, they slipped out of the hot pad. I had about a nanosecond to decide; do I let them fall to the floor, thus forcing me to start over and make a whole new pan, OR do I catch them in my free hand, thereby searing my flesh horribly with the white-hot pan?

I shall let the picture reveal my choice:

That's a big - about an inch long- blister on my thumb, and a big burn mark above the wrist.

Yeah, you knew it all along. When forced to choose between sloth or safety, I'm always going to favor sloth.

Good brownies, though.


I have a dilemma.

The veteriniary $pecialist thinks that my cat Patsy has bone cancer in her shoulder. He says that there is a pretty good survival rate for the type of cancer he thinks she has - about 80%, actually.

But, the catch is, she'll have to have her whole front leg amputated. And, it'll cost between $1800-$2000 dollars.

And she's 15 years old.

So...let her go? In pain? Maybe a lot of pain? Or put two more grand on my credit card - because in no way can I pay this outright - so it can happily join the car repair debt from a month ago? For a cat that is - despite being fairly spry - OLD?

What would you do?


Anonymous said...

A few years back, our dog Bear was diangosed with bone cancer. We had the leg removed which was HORRIBLE , and he was a very young dog only about 2 at the time.
He had about 2 months after the surgery before the cancer caught him in another limb. I'm not sure how pleasant they were with surgery recovery -- though he always was such a happy dog.
He was young, though, with the prospect of years to go. When he went it was so sudden. He hobbled one day - by the next he couldn't get up to go to the bathroom.
Cancer sucks...and our vet charged less than half of yours. -- ARKY

La Turista said...

OK - having suffered a similar burn last year, I can totally relate and have the scar to prove it. If you can get some kind soul in the medical profession to write you a prescription for silver sulfadiazine(?), it will heal up pretty damn fast. I only discovered the miracle cream after two weeks of intense allergic reactions to every single, double, and triple antibiotic you can name, which left my arm looking like so much oozy hamburger meat.

Enjoy the brownies!

Karla said...

OW on the burn. I know that pain, once I forgot the hot pad entirely and removed a cookie sheet with my bare hands. I was surprised, actually, that I wasn't burned worse than I was. Must've been like firewalking or something.

Patsy is a harder choice...I'd say watch her until you can see it is getting too painful, then let her go. Either choice kind of sucks though, huh.

brian said...

Hey Mags!

It's been a while since I've checked in. Congratulations on the 43% evil rating, up 16%! Since your soliciting opinions on Patsy, my two cents is to reiterate what Karla just said. She's had a good life, let her go without the painful amputation/treatment which will also take a rather large chunk of money from OG and YG. Of course keeping a cat alive might affect your %evil rating, but I am unsure as to in which direction, lol.

Nice burn, baby, burn! I won't ask if it is your, um, important, hand. Lee's got you covered. As for his new holliday, I called around some steakhouses to see if it was on the menu but they all hung up on me. That's what you get for living in a small town, i guess.


Also, YG is probably just reacting to the stressful and uncertain situation that arises when someone is randomly going off and everyone's emotional capacity is stretched. My Maggie does the same thing. You know that OG will get her stuff together and it will all pass.

manicteacher said...

In a related note, Blister Brownies would be an excellent band name.