Friday, May 16, 2008

Friends in Town! Hooray!

We're busy entertaining some of our bestest buddies, Todd and Aimee, this weekend.

There's parties afoot (in celebration of Aimee's Ph.D. graduation) and a margarita machine on my back porch, so I will clearly be out of pocket for a few days. And, if I do post, it will be a B.W.I.-type post, and probably hurriedly deleted the next day. ("Scho. Do yawanna know what I HATE? I HATE FLAN. And war. Thatsch what I hate.")

Thus, in lieu of posting something meaningful, I shall bestow upon you this week's coolest website, courtesy of Todd.

It is: the Baby Name Wizard. No, seriously, it is addictive. Try it. You type in your name, and it pulls up a graph of how well your name has fared over the last hundred years or so. (Or any name you want, of course.)

Mine peaked around 1920, sadly. But, on the bright side, it's fared better than, say, Beulah. (And Gladys! And Esther!)

1 comment:

Karla said...

My name peaked in the 60's and in 2003. Hmm.

Apparently it was not used AT ALL before the 20's. My question, where did it come from then?