Monday, May 19, 2008

Hi, Everybody!

Please say the above title in a Dr. Nick voice.

Thank you. That was the interactive portion of tonight's blog.


Man, we had a good time this weekend.

Let's see...Friday night we had a party for Aimee's family, in which somehow we managed to eat, courtesy of Aimee's mom and sisters, homemade jambalaya AND pork roast AND cheesy cauliflower AND rolls AND corn AND tea cakes AND pralines AND lemon squares. (Not ONE of which I made, or even laid my damn hands on before I was shoveling it in my mouth. Heaven.) Oh, and mango margaritas, too.

I must interrupt to say that a frozen margarita machine situated upon one's back porch is a VERY dangerous thing to have. One wakes up on a Saturday morning, yawns, stretches, lets the dog out, and says, "Hmmmm....margaritas! Why, that's a FINE idea!"

Saturday, Aimee grad-y-ated, and that evening we had a party with her family, some of Todd's family, and several of their friends, for which Todd bought beef fajitas AND enchiladas AND beans AND SO MUCH SPANISH RICE AND chips and dip and salsa and guacamole and all of the other accoutrements of Mexican food AND chocolate pie AND cheesecake. Plus more margaritas. After everyone left, the four of us played poker until around midnight.

Sunday, we got up at the crack o'nine and went to Central Market for the third birthday party of Todd and Aimee's son, who we shall name Th'Bear, and who is one violently cute redheaded individual. (Oh, the YG and Th'Bear are engaged, apparently; she has officially declared him her "true love." Oh. Mah. God. They were SO ADORABLE together that it's near to make you sick. And they even have the same haircolor!) There, I somehow managed to not eat myself to Jabba-esque proportions, but tea sandwiches AND fruit AND cake were served.

Sunday night, we had a smallish poker party, in which all of the leftovers were summarily brought out and attacked. Sadly, we barely encroached into the perimeter before we abandoned our mission. (Seriously there was a BATHTUB full of Spanish rice.) I enjoyed the poker, but as I'm fairly sure the four of us were listing sharply to one side, we called it an evening at around 11:00.

Today? Hell, returning to work? Twelve days before the end of school? Positively restful, I tell ya.

And of course, it's back to my old lady diet...nothing but Lean Cuisines, broccoli, and Citrucel for me. I shall duly ignore the lemon bars that are still in there, screaming "oh, I won't be good much longer, you should really eat us NOW, because people who waste food are BAD BAD BAD."

No, damn it, tea instead. And only one teensy crumb of tea cake.

Hey, the foot is on the mend. I'm limping along at a fairly good clip these days, though I'm probably not supposed to. Crutches? Suck ass.

It's really not too bad, as long as I keep it bandaged and gingerly guard it from the heedlessly tromping feet of the eight-year-old. I can't really wear any shoes besides my Crocs yet, because they won't fit over the bandage, so I'm looking oh-so-professional in my work clothes. But, all in all, I can't complain too badly.

I can't really move it around too much yet, though. I shall be starting physical therapy for it whenever I can get my damn self around to make an appointment, and I hope that ushers me back into exercising and going to the gym within a few weeks. Fingers crossed; my ass could really, really use it right now. (Fine, dammit, no tea cake crumbs.)


So, Todd put me in the frame of mind to consider having some shelves built in to our living room, rather than buying an "entertainment center." (For the big TV we, um, don't have. And may never ever get, the way our property tax is going. But I hold out hope.)

Anyone done anything like this? Pros, cons? Anyone know any good folks in Austin who understand and build such things, specifically with electronics in mind?


Speaking of property tax, HOLY FUCK, by the way.

Strange, I did not know that my house was made of solid gold and cocaine.


Karla said...

fucking bastards at TravisCAD took away our homestead exemption. You want high property taxes? You should see our bill.

Anonymous said...

OK. Our custom built-ins upstairs.... don't let anyone tell you that maple can hold a stain. Because it can't. Closed-door cabinets below are a good thing - you can hide various children's musical instruments and the myriad of technology old and new - DVDs, VHSs, etc. Drawers between closed cabinets and bookshelves/TV opening still aren't being used effectively. Doors to close and hide the TV are lovely.

Next time you're over, come check out ours. It was a fun/frustrating exercise but we're fairly pleased with the end result. And at least you won't need a Murphy bed in your living room. Don't get me started on that.

- Milena