Monday, April 28, 2008

In Which I Bitch About The Lights of My Life


That's better.

I'm on my couch, Keith Olbermann playing in the background - soon to be Jon Stewart (or perhaps a Tifaux of How I Met Your Mother. I'm getting upside down on my Tifauxed stuff.)

Sigh. I think I was a bit rough on the OG tonight. The thing about ADHD is that it's really cyclical; sometimes you are in a really good place, and have your shit together; other times you are just adrift.

The OG is going through one of those ebb times right now, and she is making me just a teeny bit effing psychotic, what with all the overactivity and hypersensitivity to sounds/smells/lights and the ARGUING and the LOUD VOICE. And the complete inability to do homework that she could do in her sleep.

It's not a big deal, in the big scheme of things. School trouble has been minor, though we've been on a twice weekly warningy "I signed the book" type of schedule for several weeks now, and there've been a few comments from her after-school care folks along the lines of how hyper she's gotten just recently. Nothing earth-shattering there, and ultimately she's still MUCH better than she used to be, but it's just disappointing to hear this stuff again, after it's been so long with nothing but glowing reviews of her this year.

I'm not sure what's going on...probably the end of school, combined with her annual "sick for a month" interlude. (She used to get like this after a bad strep infection. Lately, it's been after anything that lays her low, not necessarily strep.)

Oh. AND. LEST YOU THINK that the YG remains her pure, darling, innocent self through all this, my DARLING BABY has turned into an Evil Whining Monster this week. I swear, that child? When she has low blood sugar? Which appears to be ALL DAY LONG? Is a NIGHTMARE. Any given breakfast, your chances are extremely good that she will freaking dissolve over any of the following reasons:

  • Not enough milk/banana/raisins on cereal
  • Too much milk/banana/raisins on cereal
  • Not enough cereal in bowl
  • The wrong cereal in bowl (except that it was the one she SAID she wanted)
  • She didn't get to pour in the milk
  • She didn't get (juice/milk/ice water)
  • She didn't WANT (juice/milk/ice water)
  • I touched her with (wet/cold) hands
  • She wanted eggs after all
  • Now her eggs are cold
Thank you. Thank you for vasectomies, Baby Jesus.

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Karla May said...

Good LORD I hear you re: the YG issues. My "darling" has apparently acquired selective deafness, and can no longer hear my voice when I ask her--or tell her--to do something.

And the whining. My GOD the whining.

The other day? I flipped her off. Big ol' middle finger right in her face. At least I can still do that without her knowing what it means, but I'm sure those days are numbered.

Hang in there, mamacita.