Monday, May 05, 2008

Things of Vital Importance

  • Did you know that there are only 22 days of school left? DID YOU KNOW?
  • And did you know that my daughter will be HALFWAY DONE with elementary school at the end of this year?
  • And are you horrified by this?
  • We haven't decided what to do on the cat yet. We did decide to get the shoulder biopsied, to determine exactly what we are looking at. If it's treatable - and restricted to the shoulder, as opposed to something systemic like lymphoma - we may end up doing the amputation, as a) my vet said he could do it for less than half what the specialist was going to charge, and b) my mother said that she would help out. (I didn't ask, for the record; it was a happy (?) coincidence that she paid to save my sister's dog from a grand mal seizure a couple of weeks ago, and I think she was looking to be equitable on my end. And, I suppose I'd rather have Patsy than a contribution to a big-screen TV. I'm...just totally sure about that.)
  • My ankle surgery will be Wednesday*. All ye beware; there be bitchin' to come.

*It's arthroscopic and not a big deal. I have something called osteochondritis dissicans. Amusingly enough, when you Google it, lots of pages about Labrador Retrievers pop up. My symptoms are totally bearable; it's just the slobbery mouth and the overwhelming desire to catch tennis balls that I can't handle. (Oh! The comedy of me!)

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