Sunday, May 11, 2008

Negative Nancy, c'est moi!

My apologies for not posting anything substantive as of late.

For the life of me, I cannot come up with anything to write that is not obsessively reflective of my current mental state, which is basically that of a shut-in. I'm stuck to this couch, nauseated from the Darvocet but unable to completely quit it just yet, and in an increasingly foul temper because I cannot clean my house for our much-beloved houseguests that will be arriving this week.

And I'm just getting fat again, because clearly I'm not exercising, and feeling sorry for oneself is not particularly conducive to staying on one's diet.


So, just to bring my outlook up a tince - and on the occasion of this, my own day - I am hereby forcing myself to say five positive and/or relatively cheerful things. Here goes:

1) The Man cooked me a nice Mother's Day dinner tonight; halibut topped with crab meat sauteed in garlic butter, asparagus, and crusty bread, with Amy's Ice Cream for dessert. Flowers, too. Thanks, honey; just when I had my pity party on in full, you go and bring me out of it.

2) I finally watched the two Netflix movies that have been sitting on my television since - um, before Christmas. (The Departed and Children of Men. Both good, and situationally suited to my circumstances; when better to watch two really depressing movies than when you're already depressed, I ask you?) I also watched Waitress last night with Cristen, who came over to babysit me. It was very cute. Made me want pie.)

3) The Man and I have upcoming romantic (read: child-free!) getaway plans in San Antonio for our 10th anniversary, including a weekend at La Mansion on the Riverwalk and tickets to see Spamalot at the Majestic. It ain't much in the way of travel - go here if you'd like to read about people who go REAL places - but, hell, I'll take it.

4) Best TV line of the night...from King of the Hill:
Peggy: "When did young girls start dressing like tramps?"
Nancy: "Mmm-hmm. They call 'em prosti-tots."

5) At one point this weekend, the OG became this, after a Coke and a bag of Skittles:

Now, the OG is hyperactive a lot of the time, but most people have never seen her in full-on Cornholio mode. When this happens, it is awe-inspiring. And hysterical.

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