Sunday, April 22, 2007

Writer's Block

Man, I'm really stuck. I've started like five posts and subsequently abandoned them.

And, there's so much I had planned to tell you. There was last week's drive out to Llano to see bluebonnets, the NIGHTMARISH annual trip to Sears Portrait Studio, the very fun country swing dance out t' Twin Sisters Dance Hall, a funny yet searingly poignant meditation on my ever-softening gut, and of course the ongoing saga of What To Do With The Older Girl Who Has Clearly Gone Insane.

I swore I'd pour it all out tonight...and then this violent backache hit me. It was bad enough for me to pull out my ever-dwindling stash of pain medication left over from my bunion surgery last February. I started with the Darvocet; it didn't do anything, hence I went for the big guns and took a Demerol. So, instead of channeling the muse (Who is the Blog Muse, anyway? Does she wear leg warmers, like in Xanadu?) I'm lying here on my bed, trying not to move, and waiting for the blessed stupor to kick in.

Oh, yes, back in the day, I'd have jump started this pain medication with additional substances. Don't think it's not tempting, as it is NOT WORKING FAST ENOUGH, but given the lateness of the hour - and the probable badness of the idea - I will resist slamming down a Cabernet chaser. FOR NOW. (Honestly, though, I don't get people who truly abuse this stuff, or who take it all the time. It makes me sick to my stomach and constipated. For which I'm sure you're thrilled that I cared enough to share.)
Though I'm not up to telling the story, I must share at least one picture from the Sears Portrait Studio Hell session, though.

Wow. How sweet they are! There's no inkling whatsoever that I almost left them there, to be raised by the clueless photo girls! After they were an HOUR late showing up for work...and I of course had the first appointment, because I have a hyperactive child who hates a) waiting, b) dressing up, and c) having her picture taken! So, we got to agonize about it for a full hour, on top of the photo session taking forever, because, um, HYPERACTIVE, and then of course there's the viewing and the picking.

In a nutshell, we were sitting in Sears Hell, alternately killing time and making threats, for more than 2 1/2 hours. The girls and The Man were hungry, tired, and pissed.

OG wanted to know why we always have to do this. I tell her, it's for the memories...
now I go sleeeep......


Bookhart said...

Your Sears portraits always look like you got the most exclusive child photographer in Austin to take them. Our Sears portraits look like, well, Sears portraits.

The girls look beautiful. And well-behaved.

Lee said...

Beautiful, yes. Well-behaved? Ha!