Monday, April 02, 2007

Stop the Presses!

Breaking news, folks...I just won the Bobnoxious Brigade March Madness Bracket Contest!

Yes, it's true...out of 58 (!) people, paying 10 dollars eaches, I chose the most winning teams.

I was coerced into it by my husband. I spent exactly five minutes on my bracket, armed with intuition only - and a vague understanding of who is good in college basketball - as my guide. And I WON $340!!!!!!

Sweet. Aveda hair color, here I come. Do I want the Color Conserve shampoo and conditioner with that, and maybe that new Uruku Eye Accent shadow? Why, yes! Yes, I do!

**late add... totally go check out my husband's bitter, jealous comments to this post. So transparent!


Lee said...

"out of 58 (!) people, paying 10 dollars eaches, I chose the most winning teams."

Actually, that's not exactly correct. Bill, Marsha, and Sherrie picked more games correctly than you did. But you were right when it counted -- down the homestretch, where the games are weighted more heavily. First-round games were worth only one point; picking the championship correctly was worth 20.

In any case, you kicked my butt -- you got 51 right, I only got 43. Good move picking Florida -- unlike me, who stupidly predicted they would go out early.

Bob Knoxious said...

Jeez kinda sound like sour grapes. Your wife made some cash so quit your whinin'!

By the way Margret, I'm not sure I, in good conscience, can hand over any NCAA pool money to someone who's going to use it on beauty products. The between the lines fine print of the Bobnoxious Brigade says you must spend it on beer and strippers!

Ah...hell. I suppose you can waste it on what you want.


Lee said...

Yeah, like I'm gonna see any of that money! Maybe I'll get her to pay my buy-in at poker tonight.

Anonymous said...

Look at the sports brain on you! Well done, chiquita. Hey, can you send me the redacted commentary from your last entry - and I still need your not-so-newish email address, too. efh

Milena said...


Karla said...

I think it is a good idea to spend it on beer and strippers, though, I don't think BobNox or Lee would like the gender of the strippers you would pick...and I would be invited, right? RIGHT?

Though hair color sounds nice, too.

Judgement call, I say.