Sunday, April 15, 2007

GNO, RomZomCom

Interestingly enough, I have been invited to four separate "girls' night out" get-togethers this week.

I attended two of them, one of which was a gathering of mothers from my daughter's school (! There were shots! OF TUACA!), and the other was a nice get-together with Karla May and the Malcontent Mama, and their darling daughters. With that kind of invitation, YG of course could not resist coming with, and - voila, a BIG GIRL PARTY ensued.

Of course, I'm so grateful that anyone thinks of me - ever - to invite to parties, I'm absolutely not complaining about the invitations. The more reassurance I get that I'm a reasonably normal and social human being, the better. And I had a very excellent time at both gatherings, especially at Karla May's. That was a lovely way to cap off the weekend.

But, for me personally this week, I'm starting to wonder...when do my "nights out" end, if I'm attending four in a week? Does this at some point not change from "Girls' Night Out" into "Mom's Week-Long Bender?"
I watched Shaun of the Dead yet again this weekend. On basic cable, even, with commercials and all the cursing cut out of it. And, I was once again reminded that this is a PERFECT MOVIE, and one that I will apparently watch whenever it is on, from start to finish.

(Note: There are spoilers ahead. Skip this next part if you haven't seen it. And go rent it today, goddamnit. Trust the Mags.)

First of all, I love the genre-bending aspect of it. It manages to be an absolutely hysterical horror-movie spoof, a sweet romantic comedy, and a reasonably creepy zombie flick, all in the same breath. It's even very nuanced and touching in parts, especially in the multilayered interactions between Shaun and his stepfather and his mother. Even the broadest comedic parts - yes, even Ed - are written with some level of depth and backstory to them. God help you, you even end up caring about David and Dianne to some degree, by the end of it. (Even if David is being a TWAT!)

Next, I cannot remember a movie in recent history that has had such amazing dialogue. I knew - I just knew - that this was going to be a movie for the ages when I saw the scene where Shaun and Ed are having to resort to throwing vinyl albums at the zombies, and they debate the relative merits of each album before they do so. Fucking priceless.

And, not to be ignored, is the soundtrack. Queen! My jaw absolutely dropped when they went on the zombie-killing rampage to "Don't Stop Me Now." And, of course, the ending scene, with "You're My Best Friend." This, friends, is the definition of note perfect.

I am so sold on these guys' new movie, Hot Fuzz, which is coming out shortly. I believe that it, as was true of Shaun of the Dead, is already a huge hit in England. It's nice to see that the comedies I love are still rolling off of that isle.

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