Saturday, April 21, 2007

Don't you think I need this dress?

It's lined, and has a built-in petticoat.

I think I need this dress.

Would you please tell my husband that I need this dress, and that it's TOTALLY worth $115?


Karla said...

you need this dress.

I need it too.

Absolutely that dress is a necessity.

Lee said...

Margaret always tries to portray the situation as me nixing her clothing purchases. In fact, it is mean old Mr. Bank Account that doesn't like the dress. Especially after mean old Mr. Bank Account was nice enough to let her buy the $300 worth of boots from the previous post. Me? I'd let her buy all the clothes she wants, as well as several coolers full of yummy Belgian beers for myself.

Connie said...

Ask yourself, what can you sell on ebay to get that dress? I'm sure you have something.

Lee said...

Now there's an idea! I bet we could get quite a bit for one or both of the kids (which, in turn, would free up a lot more money down the line).