Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My latest bad idea

Meet EmmyLou.

She's a little, tiny, eight-week-old Shi Tzu.

No, I have no idea why. I just did.

Well, that's not entirely true...it has a lot to do with the quest to "fix" OG and that whole lack of empathy thing. True to form, she bitched all the way to Del Valle about how she did not want a dog and would not even look at any dogs, to the point that I said "OK, fine, we'll just tell her no when we get there." Of course, when we saw the trio of nummy little munchkins that the lady had, OG was beside herself with joy, albeit mixed with a little anxiety that I had maybe taken her seriously on the way over.

I am so screwed. We have a goddamned dog.


Lee said...

So in the past month, my wife has brought home a kitten and a puppy. To a house that already had four cats. She has clearly developed animal hoarding disorder (less politely known as "crazy cat lady syndrome"). Can someone recommend a good 12-step program?

Anita said...

Ohmygod---she is SO CUTE! I am living vicariously as we have agreed that getting a puppy before we try to put our house on the market would be bad idea. We're avoiding PetSmart and Humane Society or any place else we could possibly make eye contact and fall in love.

Karla said...

Ok, yes, you are insane for getting a dog on top of five cats, 2 kids and a husband. Seriously, nuts.

BUT you get to say "shitzu" and snicker Beavis style cuz you can say "shit" all you want and it is only your DOG. Which is cool. And stuff.

If oNly I could find a fuckzu.

Karla May said...

But how could you NOT bring her home? Any Emmy Lou? Cutest name of all time.

HollowSquirrel said...

I wish I lived near you, because I don't want a dog, but yours is cute enough that I'd consider petting it. HAHAHA you got a dog. Oops sorry. Congrats.