Thursday, March 08, 2007

Because I had a bad day

I'm too sad to be funny tonight, 'cause someone yelled at me at work, and the person who put me UP to asking the question that made the FIRST person yell at me did NOT back me UP after the first person yelled at me.

I'm also too sad because, like five minutes after that happened, the occupational therapist who was supposed to start seeing OG TODAY called me and let me know that, though she was careful to note that my child is clearly "difficult" and "chaotic," that she was too busy with other clients to start seeing her, and that she was going to have to go somewhere else. (Interestingly, I have found that if you start crying on the phone to a pseudo-medical provider, then they will offer to file all your insurance paperwork for you. Take note of that.)

So, you get a meme. Badger's had some great ones lately, so I'll steal one from her. (I wanted to do the one about the music from the year I turned 18, but I don't know how to do a strike-through font, so that'll have to wait until someone teaches me how....anyone? Any of you people who wouldn't stay up all night with me watching "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" want to help me now? About time, I'd say.)

OK, so, I'll do the latest iPod one, because it's easy, and it amuses me. (Like my husband. BOOYEAH!) Also, my iPod is finally, finally, FINALLY working well with iTunes, as I now have a computer that is NOT half the hard-drive size of the iPod itself!

I believe you all have seen these before. You put your iPod, or other MP3 player, on "shuffle," and then use it as a Magic 8-Ball. It is supposed to be revelatory, and possibly funny. We shall see, shallent we?

What is missing from my life?
Kill Surf City - The Jesus and Mary Chain.
(I suppose this means that surly goths are missing from my life. I agree; it's a crying shame.)

Will I find love?
We Can't Make It Here - James McMurtry
(Guess not; sorry, honey.)

Will I become rich?
The Tracks of My Tears - Smokey Robinson
(Yeah, that's the OTHER reason I cried today; The Man called to let me know that we're down to zero on the checking account. Stupid new computer!)

Does someone have a crush on me?
UGLY - Fishbone.
(I fucking shit you not. Goddamn it!)

What is my favorite sexual position?
Slick - Sugar

Am I good looking?
Falling in Love Again - Marlene Dietrich
(I suppose that that I am a good-looking, if mannish, woman in a tuxedo? And why is Marlene Dietrich on my iPod, anyway?)

What makes me the most happy?
I Left My Baby - The Kansas City Band (from the movie Kansas City by Robert Altman)
(Damn, sister iPod, you tell it like it is! I can't tell you how happy I am that I left all my former "babies" in Kansas City!)

What is my biggest regret?
Hakuna Matata - The Lion King
(My biggest regret? Putting kids' music crap on MY iPod!)

How will I die?
Mucha Muchacha - Esquivel
(Obviously in a loungy way. I hope I have a beehive and am drinking a martini, and am wearing a fabulous Shag-esque frock.)

Do I act my age?
Don't Fight It, Feel It - Primal Scream
(I guess that's a yes. I don't fight it, and I DEFINITELY feel it.)

What type of tattoo should I get?
Rumble in Brighton - The Stray Cats
(Fucking A yes. There's nothing sexier than a rockabilly guy - or gal, for that matter - with tattoos. I'm getting that cat with the duck's ass hairdo that Brian Setzer used to have.)

What is my spirit/animal guide?
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing - Leo Sayer
(I do think Leo Sayer is my spirit guide. For real.)

Do I like pain?
Turn - New Order
(I guess I like pain, but only the kind I have to turn around for. Kidding, honey, LEAVE IT ALONE.)

Is there anyone else like me out there?
I Believe - REM
(There's a few of them. Almost all are in the Pussycat Dolls, as it turns out.)

Do I love to party?
I Know What I Know - Paul Simon
(That's for me to know and you to find out, bitches.)

Where should I move to?
Slumming on Park Avenue - Peggy Lee
(Nice. I dig. But again, who programmed my iPod? My grandmother?)

Will I ever be president?
Sit On My Face - Monty Python
(Yeah, I figured all that would catch back up with me someday. Guess not.)

Of COURSE I was talking about my love for Monty Python. What were you thinking about?

What is fun for me?
Comfortably Numb - The Scissor Sisters
(Um...heroin, I guess. Or merlot; whichever.)

Will I ever learn to fly?
I'll Get Lucky - The Plimsouls
(Yay! Either I'll learn to fly, or I'll have sex in an airplane bathroom! Either is great!)

What is my superpower?
Here Comes Santa Claus - Spike Jones
(Apparently, I'm "Bore My Friends To Death With 50-Year-Old Music On My iPod Girl!")

Will I be successful?
This Drinkin' Will Kill Me - Dwight Yoakam
(Guess not.)

How often do I get angry?
Hot For Teacher - Richard Cheese
(I often get angry, especially when lounge singer guys imitate David Lee Roth.)

What is my favorite thing to do?
Detonation Boulevard - The Sisters of Mercy
(Go drive around with the goths! Back to square one!)


Karla said...

I couldn't do that Badger meme either because I, too, am not strike through font literate....

I need edumacation!


Sorry about the bad day at work. God I hate that crap.

Badger said...

This is my favorite meme evah.

The strike-through thing: you have to go to the "edit html" tab on your composer window dealie in blogger, then before every word/phrase you want to strike, you type < strike > without the spaces, and after you type < /strike > also without the spaces.

And hey! I know an awesome OT. I can hook you up. For reals. Email me if you wanna.