Friday, March 16, 2007

Am I so very sheltered?

Or clueless about modern-day beauty products?

Yes, I KNOW about the whole Brazilian wax things and the pubes shaved into lightning bolts, but are we really coloring the hair down there?

And are we really coloring it flourescent pink?

Lord, I have so much to catch up on. My Betty is not ready.


Bookhart said...

And why are they calling a hoo-hoo a Betty now?

Milena said...

Let's see... blonde head of hair but dark eyebrows... I pause to wonder what it would be like to be 100% blonde? Perhaps I shall bleach the peach. Ready the Betty.

Badger said...

Is that so you can fool people into thinking you're a NATURAL pinkhead?

Karla May said...

Much like when I saw the scrotum as a trailer hitch on Bookhart's blog, my jaw is on the ground with this one.

Oh hey ya'll! Let's all get together and have a Dye Your Betty party. It'll be fun!! I want mine to look like a rainbow snowcone.

Lee said...

Okay, stop it. Y'all are getting me all worked up.

Karla said...

The Betty dying crave became a don't almost before it became a do. Or it became "so five minutes ago" about three minutes in. Never ye fear, your "betty" is safe...and trendy in its natural state.

Mine's not so much a lightning bolt as a broken arrow.