Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Welcome to NaBloPoMo!

(Ok, so there will be no pictures tonight, either. Bloody fucking hell. And I had the cool logo ready to go.)

It's National Blog Posting Month, as declared by someone I don't know, but who apparently has a really funny blog. The goal is to post something every day, no matter how inane it is or how buttfuckingly tired you are. The other goal is for lurkers and spiers to say hello, how ya doing, make a comment at least once.

Plus, November is my birthday month I'm on the Slip-n-Slide towards 37. It's the Mags Season of Deeply Annoying Introspection, anyway.

So, I am your bitch for 30 days.

I cannot share with you how effing lame I feel, however, to not have come up with a fabulous theme for 30 days, like Badger did.

The best I can do is to make the theme this time about what makes me truly me. You know, Mags would really be nothing without her dearest loves, her absolute reason for living. No woman is an island, and of course, I am supported completely and utterly by these people.

I speak, of course, of the editors of Entertainment Weekly. They are my weekly pop culture junkies. I have had a subscription to this magazine for YEARS, people. Yes, I used to get The Nation and The Progressive and Mother Jones, but we got too poor to keep all our subscriptions, so I only get THE ONE. Yes, I ditched nearly all of my progressive magazines for EW. Because they have movie reviews, and book reviews, and talk about all kinds of music I can't afford to check out. Because I'm really shallow. I admit it.

However, I loves me the pop culture. So I'll try to drop in a reference or two every day.

Tonight: How continually FUCKING amazing is Lost ? Damn, that show messes with my head. Who the fuck were that guy and that blonde girl? Did I miss something completely? And it was really, really sad tonight.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but this show has the potential to join Twin Peaks as some of the most addictive shit I have ever seen. I'm kind of liking Heroes a lot, still; it has potential, anyway. We'll see. Tons of other shows have faded away with really good premises, too. (Whither Firefly? Really! It was great! And, of course, the dearly lamented Freaks and Geeks. Buffy was the only one that really got a long-term shot at greatness. More on that one later.)

I hear I would love Battlestar Galactica, too. From what I've seen, I'm sure I would like it. I hope I can catch up someday...I have have precious few opportunities to watch shows, so I just haven't had time to fit it in. (I'm probably canceling NetFlix, too; shit. I hate that.)

Lost plus a glass of good red wine and the girls good for me even on a Single Parent night; a little slice of Wednesday night heaven was had this evening.

(I have to share...this was punctuated by a sleepy YG stumbling into the room just at the climax of Lost tonight, and me being the Mother of the Year candidate that I am, I made her stay in the room with me until it was over. Some of the most complex sentences I've ever heard her use came out of her mouth: "Mama, did the big storm pick up that man and bang him down? Is he hurt? He's bleeding!" Erm, probably was supposed to take you out of the room before you saw this.)


Karla said...

Ok so we too get EW, and have it sent ALL THE FREAKING WAY TO NORWAY! We call it the Bible. I swear, I think Rich starts twitching if he doesn't get his weekly (though about a week or two late from the US) fix of EW. I love everything about it...the easy read sound bites, the longer in depth stuff, etc etc.

I watched Battlestar Galactica for the first time last night (we get season 1 here) and I am quite sure you will get hooked. Think Firefly...same sort of feel. Maybe not quite as humorous, but all sorts of depth and quirky bits. I am going to pull a Mags, Goddess of All Pop Culture here and say: You. Must. Watch. (Buy season 1 to know what's what.)

MichV said...

Friday night is SciFi night at our house with Battlestar Galactica being the highlight. If I would have gone into labor on a Friday I think we would have takening the time to make sure it was recorded before we left for the hospital. Hell, I would have requested the TV on in the delivery room to watch Battlestar to distract me during contractions. Battlestar kicks butt.