Thursday, November 30, 2006

I take it all back

OK, I'm sorry for my snarky tone of yesterday.

33 degrees with wind and rain? Feels pretty muthafuckin' cold to me.


*But I will NOT wear the burnt orange. Unless you're in the national championships. Hey, but don't feel too bad...the Alamo Bowl is just as good!

There's another Texas Weenie topic for us to have out...y'all bitching about being, what, 9-2 this season? Poor little Longhorns, having to settle for a lesser BCS bowl! I'm crying for you, really, I am.

(Cranky old man voice:) WE Mizzou Tigers always had to go to the Insight.Com bowl, and we LIKED it!


Badger said...

Well, it's YOUR damn fault it's this cold now. You taunted the Weather Gods. That'll learn ya.

P.S. I lost my voice during the UT/A&M game, which I watched on the tee vee, from all the CHEERING. Haha! Eat it, Longhorns!

Anonymous said...

Dave T says...

Yeah, Longhorns were 9-2. Before they LOST TO THE AGGIES.


Bob Knoxious said...

All right Missy...I think you can just go spend another winter in Mizzou to remember that your football team sucks and the winters suck more.

Who would have thunk when water
turns to ice it's cold?

I once heard there's a much higher percentage of frost-bite victims in Texas than places further north and colder. Go ahead and make a snarky remark about it being a red state, but people need to be reminded to have a coat when it's 80 degrees and about to be 30.

Yes, we Longhorns think we have a god damn given right to win the championship every year so we get mad when we don't.

Do you know what we call that? Always striving for excellence and settling for nothing less!

I've noticed that mediocrity or less is OK with Ags and Mizzou Tigers.

Lee said...

Actually, the reason we feel so ashamed and pissed is that the Alamo is not a BCS bowl at all. A lesser BCS bowl would be just fine; but we're just in a flat-out lesser bowl.