Friday, November 03, 2006

Pimp That Snack!

I'm not really up for any blogsterbation tonight; so you get links. Just links. And you'll LIKE it.

First off, from Todd, a strangely mesmerizing little UK website called "Pimp that Snack."

The gist of it is that you - yes, YOU - have the power to make ginormous versions of your favorite snack foods, and then take snapshots of them to show to the world. (The most popular one, the Giant Cadbury Cream Egg, is pretty impressive, I must say. But - I'm mildly disgusted by just the normal-sized Cadbury eggs, though I'll eat one every year - so the picture of the hyooge one kinda makes me want to hurl.

Other places in the world that are making me happy tonight (thanks to Karla May and The Presurfer:)

Cats that Look Like Hitler
Disgusting Candy
Monster Sneakers

And that's it, babies. That's what I have on a Friday night.

You know I really love you, don't you? You know I don't WANT to hurt you, right? So, why you gotta be checkin' the blog all the time and making me mad?

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