Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Oh, yeah...

Oops. It's PMS!

You'd think, that at nearly AGE 40, I would be able to recognize it.

But no, I just assume I'm a horrible idiot and that the world is crashing down around me for two days that just HAPPEN to fall right before my period.

So sorry. Carry on.

Oh, and contributing to my somewhat uplifted mood are the following factors:

  • My keys have been located by Shannon, who was the beneficiary (?) of my maternity clothes when she came over to the party. I guess they were just sitting there in one of the boxes. I'm very pleased to have them again...but d'ya think that Leif Johnson Ford will give me my $178 back, since I don't need the replacement keys anymore? (Yeah, me neither.)
  • OG got the approval from her doctor to only wear the brace outside and at P.E. - and the response from the other children was overwhelmingly "Oh, cool, you got HURT!" - so she is feeling relatively more chipper.
  • We're going to try yet another BC medication to see if I don't get a bit more even.
  • The day off yesterday helped bunches. And the valium that my dentist prescribed for my TMJ. (Because, you know, my jaw hurt. Or something.)

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