Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Things You Need To Know RIGHT NOW

For those of you who are committed to going to ACL Fest next year - or for those like me who are looking for an excuse not to be so fucking old and tired and lame all the time - at their website, they are taking names for a lottery-style chance at buying $50 tickets for next year.

You have to do it pretty quickly after they notify you, so I guess you have to be pretty convinced that you either a) want to go, or b) can sell your tickets to someone next year if you don't. Probably the last one is a safe bet, especially if you're only asking for what you paid for them.

(Note...if that link to the ACL fest doesn't work, you may have to sign up to be on their e-mail list before you get the chance to enter.)

It is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Darrrr!

I learned that, if one wants to, one can buy perfume that smells like a woman's va-jay-jay. (And, um, if it weren't already fairly evident, don't click on this link at work.)

And that is all.


Lee said...

For the man who has everything … except a woman's crotch in his face.

Anonymous said...

And this is supposed to be some kind of substitute??

I don't get the joke. Please tell me it's a joke.

Otherwise, I reckon you could just anoint yourself in "doe in heat" deer attractant. That way you could get water-sports AND bestiality in as a plus!

Huntin' season's cumin up, boys (and girls).

Blow me down me Hart-eez, Argh!

-Nice Guy

Bookhart said...

Re. no. 3: BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And would you want to be stuck on an elevator with someone wearing this perfume?

Karla May said...

Couple o' things here:

When did "Vulva Erotic" become two words one should EVER put together.

Oh wait. English isn't their first language. I forgive.

And also, Mags: What the fuck were you Googling to find the Eau d'Vag?

You and Lee are a couple of superfreaks, yo!