Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Things I Cannot Live Without Right Now

  • Flight of the Conchords
  • Freshly made peanut butter - PARTICULARLY the "Honey Roasted Peanut Butter" from Whole Foods. Damn you, Weight Watchers! (shakes pudgy fist in the air)
  • The oddly compelling video for the (lovely) Shins song "Phantom Limb"

  • Morning Edition
  • My cell phone (which has been missing for five days now, and is presumed stolen, according to my phone company. DAMMIT!)
  • Double, half-caf, skim-milk lattes from Sorrento's on Anderson Lane in Austin
  • New TV seasons of Heroes, The Office, My Name is Earl, and 30 Rock
  • Reasonably nice EVOO
  • Burt's Bees Evening Primrose Overnight Cream
  • My new, super-comfortable-but-good-for-work, slate-greyish-silver, short-heeled, open-toe-but!-fine-for-fall-'cause-hey!-it's-Texas! - Josef Seibel "Zina" sandals from Nordstrom
  • Various soundtracks from musicals (e.g. Godspell, Evita, Rocky Horror,) played at top volume in my car, ven I vant to be ALONE
  • The big, juicy pluots that they've been selling at Central Market the past few weeks
  • Aveda Lip Glaze in melon. I've decided that lipstick ages me. It makes me look like I'm in my late thirties.
  • Eddie Bauer jeans, hemmed (thanks, Connie!) because I'm apparently somewhere between a "regular" and a "tall." Wear with snug-fitting "boob shirt."
  • My period, which I never thought I'd be happy to see. (You scamp; you're getting so unpredictable these days! First I see you every two weeks, and now it's been six, and nothing! And Mr. EPT says no, no, no...so, where are you?)

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