Friday, April 02, 2010

Damn it, I forgot to blog.

For, like, ever.

Just too much stuff going on. Husband and children still marvelous, but I'm working on two ankle surgeries - one completed, one in the planning stages - as well as a fairly massive amount of cosmetic dentistry. (Why, since you asked, I am, in fact, missing two teeth in the front of my mouth. Thinking about doing the dental implant thing instead of the false teeth, which have an annoying tendency to come loose when I bite on hard things. Hey now, WATCH IT, jokesters. There are kids reading this blog.)

Plus, it's silly season at work, as par for the course at the end of the academic year. I have 40 days left to do the work that should be done in 90, and I don't know how I'm going to get it done, other than working on my day off (which I am doing ) or simply being late and apologizing (which I will be doing).

Lame? LAME. I swore I would come back and write. But there it is. Maybe I just can't anymore. Sigh.

How do all you other fine ladies keep it up? (Hey, I SAID WATCH IT!)