Monday, March 31, 2008

My Weekend At Camp

I survived. And, parts of it were...something resembling fun!

Look, I'm smiling! Even though I'm cold and filthy!

Actually, the whole thing was not all that bad, EXCEPT for Friday night, the night we arrived. It was unseasonably cold, and, in a way that I could not put my finger on.

Not that the girls noticed; they arrived thrilled and ready to pinball off the walls of the cabin in that way that only eight-year-old girls can do. Our cabin, out of all of them, appeared to be the only one without wooden shutters that one could pull down to ward off the cold, so we tacked up towels and ponchos over the windows using bandage tape, and made do:

Things were a bit more rustic than I would like, but, hey, Motel 6's are usually WAY more rustic than I like, so I figured, when in Rome. So, with my heavy sweatshirt - hood on - and burrowed deep into the warmth of The Man's old-school Arctic-designed sleeping bag, and with the valued help of Dr. Ambien, I managed to finally drift off to sleep.

And then - about 11:30 that night, suddenly, up comes this violent wind. And then BOOM BOOM BOOM HAIL HAIL HAIL RAIN RAIN RAIN. Our towels and ponchos did not have a chance, at least in the lakeside corners; some of the moms got up and found their kids soaking wet. (The OG was OK.) Even the good doctor could not keep me asleep during all this, and I and the other mothers sat up in bed and wondered, to a one, "How in the hell are we supposed to know if this is a tornado?"

Eventually, the rain subsided, and we all drifted back into fitful sleep, with dreams of evacuation, and dread of midnight toilet trips in the (now flooded) campground, wafting through our minds. (The children slept happily through everything, of course.)

I did better than some of the moms, who got about three hours of sleep...but none of us were particularly happy at six-effing-thirty the next morning, when we were awakened by all the folks getting ready for Flag Ceremony.

May I take this second to express my hatred for Flag Ceremony?


Anyway, Saturday morning was gray, gloomy, and overcast. (I did not remove my sweatshirt from the night before.) However, my mood was improved by the fact that this campground feeds you three squares a day in a cafeteria-type setting, and the coffee, scrambled eggs, bacon, and biscuits were hot and plentiful.

Thus, happy that I didn't have to forage around for sticks and berries, I faced the morning with renewed energy; good thing, too, because we had NONSTOP FUN FUN FUN for the entire day. Hiking, sports, archery, kayaking, and swimming were on the schedule...among much else.

Oh, you ask, did you say swimming? Even though you just said that it was cold as shit, and that you and the OG were wearing sweatshirts and jeans/long pants all day long? Even though I'd be hornswoggled if you told me that it broke 63 degrees?

Oh, yes, I did say swimming!

Whee! Doesn't that look like fun? (Not for me; I watched. I'm simply too frail, you understand.

For me, probably the best part of the day was watching the OG on the rock wall. Now, the OG, while athletic and very capable of climbing (trees, ropes, etc.), has not ever made it to the top of one of those rock walls, even though we knew she probably could have done it. We didn't push it, of course, but always kind of wondered why she wouldn't do that, when she was so capable of climbing just about anything else.

This time, she tried it once, got about a third of the way up, and came immediately back down. (They're on rappelling ropes, or belays, or whatever that is called.) I said, no problem, and we contentedly watched of the other girls go up to the top - there was a siren at the top that they could ring. I asked her a couple of times if she wanted to try again, as the other girls had taken several turns, but she declined...until, right at the very end, she agreed to try it one more time.

And, the next thing I know, she shimmies up:

and up:
and in about 30 seconds, she is bloody well at the top, banging that siren for all she is worth!

She came down, and I was screaming and yelling and clapping for her, and she said, "Whew!" I said, "That was AWESOME! You finally did it!"

She said, "Do you know how I did it?" I replied that I did not - for I TRULY have no idea - and she said, "I didn't look down this time."

Well said, my love.

That evening, we sang Girl Scout songs, watched skits, and briefly glanced what was to be our only view of the sun all weekend:

There were S'Mores, of course. That's in the contract. I'm not effing well showing up for any of this if there aren't S'Mores, mind you.

All in all, the weekend did what it was intended. My girl is even better friends with her Brownie troop than she was before, and these are indeed stand-up, quality girls, of whose goofy-nerdy Girl Scout-type charm I wholly approve. (It is duly noted that two of my best friends are former Girl Scout compadres, and I can only hope for the same for my girls.) I found the other moms to be very cool, even in the squalor that is camp life.

And, most of all - cliched or not, it was a wonderful bonding experience for me and the OG.

I love you, OG.

(However, I'd be lying if I said that I'd be up for it every weekend. Once a year will be juussst fine.)

We left on Sunday morning, disgusting and poorly rested. A brief sojourn over to Cooper's for barbecue healed my soul, and then it was back to Austin for a much-needed shower and my very expensive mattress.

Next up: The YG's fourth birthday! Is Wednesday! And I have to clean my house for a birthday party this weekend! AIEEEEE!!!!

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the NEW! GIBSON! ELECTRIC GUITAR! SIGNED! BY! THE! GO-GO'S!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shut UP!!!

So, I mentioned going to see that Kids Rock showcase at SXSW? The one with the 12-year-old kids playing punk rock music?

So it was a benefit for the Girls Rock camp here in Austin? And there was this raffle? Of an ELECTRIC GUITAR...signed by THE GO-GO'S? And it was all, like, hey, it's $5, it's a good cause, sure, we'll enter your raffle?

And so...GUESS WHO WON IT???

(Well, it wasn't me; it was The Man, but STILL! OMFG!)

Oh, the OG is SO getting schooled on Girl Rock now. We'll start with the Go-Go's, move on to Joan Jett, probably throw in some Elastica in there...hell, I even like the Bangles too, I'm not ashamed to admit it. Who else do I need to download? Bikini Kill? The Donnas? The Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Courtney Love irritates does PJ Harvey (I KNOW, I'm not cool there)...maybe Sleater-Kinney? Never really tried them.

Off to the dreaded GS camp weekend tomorrow. Think of me when you're on your nice, soft, pillowtop mattress tomorrow, with your nice mixed drink, placidly reading your gothic mystery novel.

I'm going to be off EXPOSED TO THE ELEMENTS and god knows what else, probably sharing my mattress with a nest of brown recluses, and VERY POSSIBLY being forced to participate in a goddamned Ropes Course, which is perhaps my least favorite experience on this planet besides removing my fingernails with pliers and/or washing my clothes at a laundromat.

And The Man? Oh, poor man, he's forced to spend this ENTIRE weekend ALONE, as the YG is off visiting my in-laws. I cry! Cry for him!

(Aaah, I'm kidding, it's OK. I made him promise not to drink beer, watch basketball, or look at porn while I'm gone.)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Please pray for me...

...because guess where I have to go this weekend?

I am TRYING to have a good attitude about it, but right now, I swear I would rather drive a nail into my hand.

Cots. Bah!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter! And, Setbacks!

The YG would like to share this morning's bountiful haul with you:

We hope yours was fruitful, as well. Sadly, the crappy neighborhood HEB had no Almond Joy eggs this year. Thus, my bliss is tempered somewhat.

Has it really been almost a week since I posted? It doesn't seem that long. Sorry; I didn't mean to leave you staring at my South By natterings-on for the past six days. Guess the recovery took longer than I thought.

First off, I know what you're all worried about, and, it's OK: the weight gain amassed over South By week (and the week I was sick; 'cause, well, when I'm sick, I need to eat whatever my body tells me will make me feel better) appears to be temporary. So, you may all relax. I'm more or less back to where I was, with a bit of fluctuation when I drink anything or eat salty things.

To that point, last night I drank many things and ate some hella-salty beef jerky and sausage out at the annual "Swang-A-Go-Go" dance out at the Twin Sisters Dance Hall in the Hill Country. Swang is a big, private party thrown by a collective group of friends every year around this time. Unfailingly, it's a great time - for kids and grownups alike - and nowadays one of the few chances The Man and I get to go dancing. (As always, big snaps to The Man for his love of cutting a rug. I deeply appreciate my luck in this matter.) So, I'm thinking today is not the day to step back on the scales.

But, we do these weight-loss things in baby steps, no? Getting back to business hasn't been hard, at least thus far. I've been back to the gym several times this week, though I'm admittedly loath to re-start the weight training. Fuck, I hate lifting weights. Even with my iPod, it is SO BLOODY BORING and repetitious. And, though my conscious mind knows that it'll help my overall fitness, I just can't get worked up to do anything that isn't cardio. Bah.

Thank god there was no opportunity TODAY to eat anything that I shouldn't. No...not at ALL.

If you didn't see it already, this is Jimmy Kimmel's response to Sarah Silverman:

(Note to Sarah: Don't fuck with someone who is much better connected.)

Monday, March 17, 2008

South By Shut the Fuck Up Now, Mags

I'm going to stop soon, I promise. But you HAVE to hear about Friday night. Friday afternoon was spent drinking free beer at the Yard Dog party, and going to see the Girls Rock Camp showcase at Austin Java. 12-year-old punk bands! (The kids' ages, not the bands'. Fun stuff.)

So, in perhaps a first for South By- not entirely sure about that, it's been a while since I had a wristband - at Esther's Follies on Friday night, they had a comedy showcase, lasting the whole night, from 8:00 to 2:00, three comedians PER HOUR.

I stayed for every damn second of it, folks, and danged if they didn't manage about a 70/30 good-to-bad ratio. The "big names" headlining it were Janeane Garofalo and Brian Posehn (from Just Shoot Me, The Comedians of Comedy, and The Sarah Silverman Program. Unbilled, but perhaps most thrilling to me, were Matt Besser and Matt Walsh from the Upright Citizen's Brigade (who did the usual "heckler/uncomfortable comedy" thing, and did it well (and involved a "What has two thumbs..." joke, which is apparently really old, but I'd never heard before, so it made me howl).

Janeane Garofalo I love, but she seemed kind of agitated, and seemed very much to be making up her routine as she went along. It's a testament to her talent that she managed to wrangle laughs this way, but I wouldn't say it was the best set by far. Brian Posehn is ALWAYS funny, no matter what; you won't go wrong seeing him. Also really funny were Human Giant (T-shirt cannon humor...can't go wrong there,) Reggie Watts, and Hard-n-Phirm, who played last. Perhaps it was my delirious state, but they were my favorites...I had tears streaming down my face during their sets.

Saturday during the day we went to drink more free beer at Yard Dog - damn, that is one civilized party! They had free Dogfish Head, people! - and saw Chuck Prophet. That was a really good show...I'd recommend him, if you get a chance to see him.

That night we went to the big "buzz" Saturday showcase, which was Duffy, Okkervil River, and Roky Erickson. Duffy is supposedly the new Amy Winehouse; she's a comely young girl who sounds like she's straight out of 1963. (However, unlike Amy Winehouse, she can remain standing onstage.) I liked her show; though she's much more of a Lulu or Petula Clark kind of sixties-esque singer, as opposed to Amy's Ronnie Spector/bad girl turn. Her single, "Mercy," is not surprisingly the catchiest thing on her album - I'd buy it on the strength of that song alone. She does need to grit it up a bit, though.

I didn't know much about Okkervil River, but I ended up really liking their show, too. They are cute li'l indie-rock youngsters, and the lead singer was plaintively earnest. I intend to download them (and Duffy) someday, when the disposable income fairy comes back again.

Last, we saw Roky Erickson, the rejuvenated psychedelic rocker who spent a long, long time in a schizophrenic haze (not helped by electroshock therapy,) only to make a startling recovery when his youngest brother took custody of him and got him on meds. Turns out that he is still a smokin' live performer. It's not really my genre of music - my early 70's stuff tends toward the glam rock - but he was undeniably awesome. (And, strange, the nature of the schizophrenia. Between songs, he seems unsure of himself; he never said anything but "Thank you!" with the exact same arm movement. And, the other guitar player was clearly cuing him after each song to tell him what song was next. But, while playing, he was incredibly fluid, and his playing and singing were flawless. Weird, but good to see a happy ending to mental illness, for a change.)

And, that was it; I bailed after Roky, due to a roiling stomach from too much beer and crappy food. My mom went home on Sunday, so my free babysitting is sadly over - I probably should have "modeled through it" (Thanks, Tyra!) and gone out until close, but I just couldn't face it.

Today, we're broke, and I put on three pounds (of which I'm assuming much is bloating; there will be hell to pay if not).

Worth it? Um...yeeess, but I don't think I'll bother with the wristband next year. The free shows are so cool, and so numerous, that one doesn't really need one to see all the bands that they would have seen with a wristband. And, did I mention, um, FREE alcohol?

(I heard from several people that the thing at the Oaks on Sunday was really great...I'm sorry I missed it, but the flesh was weak. Anyone go?)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

SXSW Recap - Tuesday through Thursday

Whew. That week goes by, don't it? These descriptions will assuredly be truncated, because I'm too tired and bloated - but not hung over, perhaps a SXSW first for me - to wax too eloquently this evening.

Tuesday, I saw two more docs, Some Assembly Required and Tulia, Texas. Some Assembly Required is a sweet little doc about an annual, nation-wide toy contest for fifth through eighth graders. It's pretty typical in that it follows several groups of kids, including some from impoverished backgrounds, some from public schools, some from exclusive private schools, etc., as they go through the trials and tribulations of inventing a toy for this contest. They were all sweet, funny, mostly hyper-gifted nerdy kids, no matter what their background, and I enjoyed watching them, and the movie. However, I won't claim that it was a concept I'd never seen before; Spellbound, in particular, was an awesome example of this genre.)

Tulia, Texas was, as you can probably surmise from the title, a doc about the horrible racial injustices that went down in that small town several years ago. (If you don't know the story, you can get a basic rundown of it here, and this is a link to the book written by Nate Blakeslee from Texas Monthly, where I first read about it.) It was a very good film. I think it should be mandatory watching for anyone who doesn't know the whole story; if you do, then it probably won't surprise you much, but it's still worth watching.

Wednesday, the music festival started. The sun had come out, and it was finally Austin March Warm, so I was sort of in the mood to get out of the theater, see some crowds, and breathe some stale bar air. The Man and I wandered aimlessly around Red River for a while, picking up free swag and floating in and out of a few bars.

That evening, we went to see Black Joe Lewis at Emo's, which was a GREAT way to kick off the festival. I'm not really a huge blues fan, but I'm a sucker for a horn section. His set was killer - high-energy R&B with a lot of humor. We then saw Eric Hisaw at the Ale House - good alt/country singer, local. (True story: The Man took me to see him at Hole in the Wall on our first date. I was all thrilled to be on this date, don't get me wrong, but a good portion of the evening I was staring at this guy on the stage, who was totally hot, thinking, "Hmm, nice guy, but if our date doesn't work out...")

Later, I went to see Kitty, Daisy, and Lewis at some bar I'd never hear of off 6th Street. Kitty, Daisy, and Lewis are three teenagers from London, and they play in a family rockabilly band with their dad on acoustic guitar and their mom on the stand-up bass. It was apparently a "buzz" show, because the place was packed to the gills. And, I have to say, they rocked the place pretty hard, especially given the fact that they're fifteen, seventeen, and nineteen years old! (They're freaky into the rockabilly thing, though, from the pompadour on the son to the plucked eyebrows, thick heels, and finger waves on the girls. I'm going to go with "pretty cool," though, though Noxious dubbed them "creepy." I don't know, check out their page and let me know what you think.)

I would have stayed to see Alabama 3 just for Bookhart that evening, but The Man, having had many many beers that evening and some bad luck all around, ditched me when he decided that his evening was only getting worse by the second. Not relishing the idea of hanging out on 6th Street by myself during South By, and recognizing that I had a full day planned on Thursday, I went on home myself.

Thursday, I didn't go see any music, as I was attending a funeral in Houston. Though I didn't drive - Julie, you are a goddess - I was pretty tired out from the up-and-back trip, and the circumstances of he occasion, so I bailed on any festivities that evening, and just hung out with my mom.

And...damn, I was going to have this be the whole recap, but I have hit the wall. I shall endeavor to finish it tomorrow. (It's not really any more exciting; I saw some good music, drank some free beer and some not-free beer, took a "diet detour" for a few days, and stayed up too late on at least one night. But, I never got drunk...though I did LOOK very drunk at one point last night, when I fell on my wrist and knee, just from walking over a bumpy sidewalk as I was scanning my eyes around looking for my car. I love myself!)

Monday, March 10, 2008

SXSW Film Recap: Days Three and Four

Yesterday, we went to see two movies; a doc, Flying on One Engine, and Run, Fat Boy, Run, the new Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead) movie directed by David Schwimmer.

Flying on One Engine is the story of Dr. Sharadkumar Dicksheet, a 77-year-old, Indian-born doctor who resides in America, but spends much of the year performing free surgeries to children in India who are born with facial deformities, i.e. cleft palates. The kicker is that he's in a wheelchair, has lost his larynx to cancer, and has an aneurysm in his head that could blow and kill him at any time, yet he still spends months and months out of the year doing these surgeries; more than 140,000 of them.

Interesting story, interesting guy. In America, he lives basically in poverty, but in India, they treat him literally like a god, bowing down to him, touching his feet, and such. (And, lord, the deformities that he corrects...they're heart-wrenching.) And, somewhat refreshingly for these sorts of movies, the good doctor has absolutely no false modesty - he's totally convinced that he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, and seriously pissed that Al Gore got it and not him. I gave it 3 1/2 stars...and it earns 1/4 extra star for not being twenty minutes too long, as EVERY OTHER DOC I HAVE SEEN SO FAR has been. (Mick has an idea for a t-shirt, to sell at next year's SXSW - "Directors: Edit Thyself.")

Run, Fat Boy, Run will, of course, be in wide release in the next few weeks. The true "filmies" who attend these things eschew the big-name movies, as they will have a chance to see them in the theater...but, as I won't get out again, probably, I often go to see them.

I liked it, but then, I'm going to like any Simon Pegg movie. As I've mentioned probably six hundred times on this blog, Shaun of the Dead is one of my favorite movies of all time. (Must do that "favorite movie line" meme sometime soon.) However, it was absolutely not Shaun of the Dead, or even Hot Fuzz; this, this was, just EXACTLY like, if you took the over-the-top British humor of those movies, but then totally softened and romantic-comedied it up by having a member of the cast of "Friends" direct it! (David Schwimmer was there, taking questions, afterwards. He seems nice - unassuming, funny, really happy to see us all there.)

Ah, though, nothing to hate. It's sweet. The Man liked the track-n-field stuff in it, and I looove Hank Azaria and Dylan Moran (the guy who played David in Shaun). Really missed Nick Frost, though, (Ed from Shaun,) who is in most of these movies. Oh - and may I add, I had NO idea that Hank Azaria looked THAT good naked. I have a newfound respect for him.) 3 1/2 stars. Simon and Hank get half a star extra apiece (and Thandie Newton gets one, too, for just being so damn pretty).

Today, I saw two docs, Living with the Tudors, and FrontRunners. Living with the Tudors is about a group of historical reenactors in Suffolk, England, who meet every year to live for a month or so in period costumes - sometimes it's Tudor, sometimes WWII, sometimes Jacobian, etc. When they're there, they don't break character - whatever their character is - and live totally as they would in that time peroid. It's like a Renaissance Festival times 100. The filmmakers were regular attendees - serving as "limners," or miniature painters - but, even with approval to film there, they got quite a lot of shit from the hardcore folks who didn't want any of this to even be recorded on film.

It was nice; a quiet little film, very calm, and almost under the radar, but still interesting and compelling. This one was just a teeny tince too long. Three stars.

Tonight, Mick hauled me out of complacency on the couch to see FrontRunners, a doc about a seriously competitive high-school senior class presidency race in the top public high school in the country, Stuyvesant High in NYC.

It was - OK. Fun to see high school kids talking knowledgeably about the Nixon-Kennedy debates; I totally want to move to New York and send my kids there! But, I'm not sure I'm as compelled by the subject matter as I should have been. And, once again, TOO LONG. (It occurs to me that perhaps my attention span is waning, but I really don't think so. All, y'all, just trim a little bit of your precious footage!) 2.5 stars.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

SXSW Film Recap: Days One and Two

First up, we saw Super High Me. This parody of Super Size Me was started by a joke by comedian Doug Benson, who stated in his stand-up routine one night that he was going to make the same movie as Morgan Spurlock's, except that, in his, he would be high, non-stop for 30 days. And, this is what he did, using medical-grade pot, obtained legally in California with a physician's authorization.

I liked it! It surprised me; I figured it was a one-joke movie that would get old quickly. But, he's really, really funny, stoned or not (the first part of the movie shows him sober for 30 days, and he does several stand-up gigs throughout, both sober and totally baked). And, there's a good bit of stuff about state's rights, and whether California has the right to authorize a law that is not recognized by the federal government. Interesting, and funny. I say, 3.25 stars, out of five.

Next, we waited in the long-ass line at the Paramount to see the world premiere of 21, the wide-release Kevin Spacey movie about counting cards at blackjack. Now, I expected to like this one; I like cards, I like Vegas, and it's a true story, which is always something that intrigues me. It wanted very much to be Rounders, and it just was NOT. Cliched and predictable, there is not one thing that happens from start to finish that you do not see coming from a million miles away.

And, what up, Kevin Spacey? I see your name in a movie, and, for some reason, I STILL think that this means it should be good. I mean, c'mon, seriously, you do The Usual Suspects, and then American Beauty...and then TEN YEARS OF CRAP. Quit phoning in this same, slimy-smooth-talker performance, that you ALWAYS DO! Gaaah! One star, mostly for the charming guys who play the "old best friends" that the young hero abandons on the quest for money and the hot chick.

Today, we went to see We are Wizards, a doc about obsessive Harry Potter fans, many of whom form tribute bands (e.g. Harry and the Potters, Draco and the Malfoys, Ginny and the Heartbreakers, and so on).

It was cute; I enjoyed it. (Particularly Harry and the Potters, who are too cute for words, and the Austin guy that recorded a new dub track for the movie of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone that is profanely HI-larious.) Could have used a bit of editing; it was 90 minutes, and should have been about 60. Mick hated it, but I say...2.75 stars, which I'll amend to 3.25 when they cut it just a bit.

Then, we went to see a documentary called Crawford, which is about our esteemed president's ostensible "home town." (Which is bullshit; he was born in Connecticut, to one of the wealthiest families in the country. He bought the ranch in 2000...see any coincidences there?)

I liked this one very much. Though political overtones are present throughout, of course, it was not intended to be this big, overt Bush-bashing movie...the focus was strictly on the effect of Bush's presence on this town. (And, of course, the resultant fallout, when all the protesters and counterprotesters descended upon it a couple of years ago.) It was thoughtfully filmed, and respectful to the town and its residents. It also drops a pretty big emotional bombshell right towards the end; I teared up, and did so again during the Q&A afterwards (with several of the town residents, who came for the premiere). Four and 1/2 stars.

Tonight, we came home to check on Mom. We didn't want to try to get in to see Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, because it will probably be horribly crowded, and will be out in theaters, anyway. We may take a movie break and go see Cornell Hurd at the Little Longhorn; not sure.

Whew! Why am I so beat, from only seeing four movies? I'm getting very old and lame.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Tons to tell you, but all I gots in me tonight is bullets.

  • One more day until Spring Break, and not one damn second too soon. Work has been full-tilt, ass over teakettle for about four straight weeks, and I need a brief fucking respite.
  • My mom's in town for the next week, babysitting! Woop! We'll be doing South By Southwest, or as much of it as my limited caloric intake and empty pocketbook will allow. The (joy-sucking) Man envisions us austerely scarfing down peanut butter sandwiches out in the car rather than going out to eat. (And lest you think he won't practice what he preaches, I'm just SURE he'll elect to enjoy a lovely seltzer water out at the bars rather than buying beers.)
  • On the South By front, the film festival starts tomorrow. I'm fairly jazzed to be going again; it's been a few years since I bought a pass. But, honestly, I have not had one spare second to peruse the film schedule, and have no earthly idea what I'll be seeing. I hear the new Morgan Spurlock movie - Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden - is good, but I really don't know about anything else. Anyone else going? Hear anything?
  • We went with the Noxiouses to see They Might Be Giants, the BEST BAND EVER, at Stubbs last night. They were frigging awesome, as always, and I had probably one too many G&T's for a school night, but, miraculously, felt pretty fine all day. Nice evening, too, as opposed to TONIGHT, which sucks cold and rainy ass.
  • I ended up caucusing for Hillary, for the OG. (Yes, you all totally knew that was going to happen.) I felt a little odd about splitting my vote, but, really, when I thought about it, it's pretty apropos. See, in Texas, the popular vote garners two-thirds of the delegates, and the caucus votes garner the other third. So, since I was about 2/3 for Obama, and 1/3 for Clinton, I figure that's just about right.
  • Our caucus was TOTALLY INSANE. I'll bet 500 people showed up. There were so many of us that we had to meet outside, because we wouldn't all fit in the little church that it was supposed to be held in. Anyone else go?

Monday, March 03, 2008

The OG and HRC

I took her to see her heroine tonight. School night, but I figured that she'd earned it with that awesome yard sign she made, no?

The OG was a total trooper. Believe it or not, it was as cold and windy as shit in Austin, Texas, tonight, and she waited for half an hour in a long-ass line, with nary a complaint. (Well, with nary more a complaint than all the other damn Texans in the line. Two words for you people: GET A PARKA!)

When we got up to the front, they told me I'd have to throw her sign away! I begged them to let me fold it up and keep it in my purse, and they relented, adding "They'll probably make you throw it away inside." I'm thinking, like hell you will, but I nodded politely and proceeded through the metal detector. After making me turn on all my electronic equipment down to my iPod, they allowed me through, with our contraband square of posterboard intact.

Inside, they were passing out signs...apparently, "official" signs, or something. I don't know what the hell all that was about. But, the OG saw everyone waving theirs, and asked if she could have hers back. Seeing no earthly reason why she shouldn't, I unfolded it, and gave it to her.

And...guess which little girl, with a home-made sign, got a point, and eye contact, and a wave, from HRC herself?

I think you know.

She ran right down front in the balcony; we could see everything really clearly. It was quite fun, actually; just like the good ol' days with my mom, when I was a kid.

That's Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen with her, and Chelsea right behind them.

Hi Ted! Your hair is startlingly snow-white these days.

You know, I'm so glad I took her. She is just turning into the coolest chick. And I think she'll remember this for the rest of her life, just like I remember seeing Jimmy Carter, in my best patent-leather shoes.