Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Enjoy my disturbing video!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We are finally out of the Sick House.

Both girls got the swine flu this past week, to the surprise of none of the parents of small children that I know. Compared to the other stories I've heard, it seems we got a moderate wallop.

The OG was out of school for four consecutive days. The YG was out for four days total, although not consecutive due to my apparent lack of parenting ability. She seriously looked fine after she missed the first two days, and had the requisite 24-hour fever-free period (well, OK, 22 1/2, but she had a LOT of energy). Plus, honestly, I've not experienced any illness with my children that has necessitated more than a day or two out of school - as we are VERY healthy midwestern stock, we are - so I wasn't expecting this level of commitment to being sick, you know.

So, she got sick last Monday, and stayed home Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with her sister. By Friday both girls were looking healthy enough to go to school, so I sent them on. We even made it out to Malcontent Mama's for a party out west at Casa Avocado last Saturday, and the girls had a total blast running around in the Hill Country.

Everything looked pretty good, until Sunday morning, the YG wakes up, boom, vomits, fever starts spiking, and we are going to the Children's Hospital because I am a NERVOUS WOMAN and because a healthy five-year-old girl who lives in the next neighborhood over died last week from this crap.

They tested her, and it is indeed the piggy flu, or at least they assume it is, because that's 95% of the flu that is going around down here. Not much they could do at that point, though; it's a bit late for the vaccine, and also for Tamiflu. So, she stayed home Monday and today as well.

(I'd just like to state, after staying with them for a good portion of last week, that I have a renewed appreciation for stay-at-home mothers. Oh, my GOD, how do you do it? Granted, I usually only see my kids at home when they are sick and necessarily crabby, but I swear, if I had to break up one more whining session between those two, I was going to Pack Up And Leave.)

As of this evening, YG seems more-or-less refreshed and ready to head back to school, and the OG hasn't shown any sign of regressing, so presumably we are past this. Of course, I'm immensely grateful for the fact that we're not permanently scathed by this, but I do have to say, THIS FLU SUCKS. We didn't get the vaccine - and I'm sure it wouldn't have mattered much if we had, as I think we got exposed several weeks ago, right when the vaccine was arriving. But, I'd damn sure recommend it to everyone now.

Planning 40th birthday party. Freaking out a little. In that spot where I'm sure nobody likes me, and the ones that do will show up and the party won't be any fun. Can't think about it without worrying, so am not really thinking that much about it. Glad The Man is stepping in here to help out.

Oh, and if you were wondering whether three 10-month-old Thin Mints, found in the remnants of their sleeve in the bottom of one's freezer, still taste good?

Yes. Yes, in fact, they do.