Sunday, January 14, 2007

Still sick

And I am just about getting fucking tired of this.

I have been vomiting every night since Wednesday. Except last night, wherein I thought I was well. And now, again come the chills, the swords in the stomach, and the heaving.

Has anyone ever heard of a stomach flu lasting for four fucking days? (And NO, I am not pregnant. Just cut that thought off right there.)

There is so much I want to tell you about...the fancy new closets, the giving of the own room to OG, the pretty glass urn of kitty ashes that sits on my china cabinet. But I literally can't sit up long enough to do that for you.

Fucking shit fucking hell. I fucking hate doctors. I guess I have to go, though, if this isn't better soon.

(One cute note...YG came up to me tonight as I was hunched over and wincing, and said "Do you have a sword in your stomach? I'll take it out! I'm a fairy godmother! Do you better feel?")


Karla said...

Crap, mags, get better soon and yes, see the doctor because you can get way dehydrated.

And, as we always say, um, at least you will drop some weight?


anyhow, get better soon.

Badger said...

What Karla said re: getting better soon. Tummy bugs SUCK. Er, BLOW. You know what I mean.

Bookhart said...

Is it not sick that I always wish for a stomach bug so I can lose some weight? So I'm sorry that you're sick, but I'm also kind of envious.

And that is truly fucked up.