Thursday, January 04, 2007

Last thoughts from the holidays

Actually, I have no verbal or typing ability tonight, even though "Calypso" by John Denver is blasting through my iPod speakers, threatening to inspire me to great oratory. (And no, I did not claim to be cool. Well, yes, I did, but I was badly mistaken, and that was in like 10th grade. When I wore the pink tiger-striped bandanna a lot.)

Thus, pictures.

1. I was not shitting you about the five-pound chocolate bar.

Seriously. We still have like four and a half pounds of this fucker. We'll be eating on it next Christmas.

2. It's not Halloween, but it's still cute:

OG, sensory integration disorder-like gal that she is, never would touch this costume when Todd originally gave it to us. (To be fair, it is really hot and heavy.) But, YG has no such issues, and is cute as a button in it.

3. Molly's feeling better. Here she is, overhanging YG's new baby doll bed:

And...damn! Blogger won't let me post anymore!

Bah. I wanted to show you a picture of the LOVELY flower arrangement the nice vet at Brykerwoods sent me for Dizzy. They are so awesome. I love them, pricey bastards that they are. (I suppose that's why, because they send lovely flower arrangements to suckers like me.) last round of family before I have to return to work on Monday. Back atcha after the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

I can think of a place for that choco bar. It starts with a lie... something like: "Oh, honey. The sick kitty tinkled on it and I had to throw it in the trash." I'm bad that way.

Karla said...'ve seen a Christmas Story, right? When Ralphie has to wear the bunny suit?

Um, that's all I'm saying....