Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Awww, Heath.

I gasped aloud when I heard this, driving home from work.

Damn. 28. That is just too sad.

I had a minor Heath Ledger thang, as I believe I've mentioned in the past. For a "conventionally handsome dude" - not my usual type at all; I generally like 'em geeky and skinny - I found him sexy as all hell, and an outstanding actor to boot.

I'm genuinely going to miss looking at him up on the screen.



Karla said...

I did the same thing (gasping aloud) on the train to work when I heard the news on my iPod. People looked at me funny 9but then when do they not?)

Such a waste of a beautiful young man. I too enjoyed his work and he had such a breadth of characters.

Very sad.

Anonymous said...

I read it on the computer -- and gasped aloud. Prepping obits for Brit, that makes sense, but this was just so unexpected. I guess they're checking for possible cocaine, now.

Agreed - very sad. and the little kid...