Monday, January 21, 2008

Es Enero En Austin...

...y esta lluviendo. (Is that right? Am I even close? God, I should be better at this by now; it's just that high school Spanish is SO far away.)

This past couple of weeks, it's been that up-and-down Austin winter weather; highs in the sixties (or low seventies) some days, lows down below freezing, though not as many of those nights as you'd think. The Sunday wash consists of items from the full spectrum of one's wardrobe; shorts and t-shirts, but also one's heaviest sweater and thickest jeans.

(As a side note, I think I still have nearly EVERY fairly nice sweater I've bought since I moved to Austin. Honestly, they don't get a whole lot of use. Sweaters are, most of the time, doffed right after noon, so I've been kind of relying on a small, rotating group of disposable cardigans.)

Mostly, when I think of winter in Austin, I think, This is the time when it rains. It hasn't rained a lot, sadly, but there was a fairly steady drizzle today. Three days inside together - I was busy putting YG's bedroom together this weekend, which is NEARLY FINISHED, but there is still a large amount of nursery room detritus piled in and around my bedroom - had a somewhat deleterious effect on the delicate tissue of the sibling rivalry.

After threatening, and enforcing, numerous punishments and banishments and separate-cornerness, I finally had it the fuck out with the OG on Sunday, which I HATE doing, but it really really needs to be done sometimes. (Again, not NEARLY as often as I used to. Thank you thank you thank you.) YG is being more than a bit willful and bratty just recently, unhelpfully, and she got her share of stern glances and time-outs herself.

For what it was worth, after the OG's chewing out, and the YG's big time out for hitting her sister, they were reasonably civil with each other for the rest of the long weekend.

They really are cute, when they play together nicely. The OG secretly enjoys "visiting" her old dolls in YG's room, and YG makes a completely willing participant in any game the OG devises. (And, I'm certain that it's completely coincidental that these awesome games always pop up RIGHT BEFORE BEDTIME, when I have to come in and break it up.)

Anyway, 'tis cool here. Except when it's warm, or when it's downright freezing-ass. It's January in Austin.

Sounds like Hillary has the momentum now...hmm. Interesting.

I still like Obama better, but I can see her appeal to women. (OG is VERY excited that there is a woman in the race. She's totally declared her support, as has my mother. She - my mother, that is - called me tonight, and said, like she regularly does, "Are you watching the (Democratic) debate?" I - like I regularly do - said "No."

She then went on to say "I have a problem; I don't like Barack Obama." I replied, "Well, a lot of people don't like Hillary Clinton." And she replied, "Yes. THAT'S OUR PROBLEM."

Lord, I really, really hope that the Democratic party doesn't dissolve into the circular firing squad that we ALWAYS morph into. The country is on our side, damn it! We need to sweep in and TAKE IT this election, not lose to John effing McCain, who - illustrious history aside - has been NOTHING but a mealy-mouthed Bush supporter for EIGHT YEARS.

It has been fun to watch 9u11iani go down, though, hasn't it? Good times!

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