Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tonight, Tonight

...won't be just ANY night...

Actually, yes, it will. I've put the kids to bed, I'm having a cup of Get Some Zzzzs, and I'm watching "Ace of Cakes." The cats and dog are sleeping, The Man is out for a drink at the new beer bar that just opened down the street, and I'm weighing the options of sleep vs. Stephen Colbert.

Uncompelling as far as stories go...UNLIKE "Ace of Cakes!" (That is an oddly compelling little show! You watched it yet? Those are some badass cakes, man! Makes me want to get married again.)

I have such mixed emotions about Hillary Clinton.

On one hand, I used to really like her, back in the day. I thought she was a smart, tough-assed chick that suffered no fools, save one. I was very impressed by her win in New York, and THEY love her, no matter what the rest of the country might think. And, I bristled at jokes or insults I heard from all sorts of Bubbas down here.

Then, well...she really, REALLY lost me when she supported this war. And, when she could have apologized, SHE DIDN'T. I became gravely disappointed in her, and put myself in the "not a Hillary fan" group. I've remained there for the duration of this election, so far...I thought that I liked Edwards best, and then I moved to Obama. Fearing her high negatives, I really, really didn't want her to get the nomination.

HOWEVER, I still bristled - and continue to do so - at people who say that they don't want her to be the nominee simply because she's "not likeable." Since when, I want to ask these people, does the notion of "likability" have ANYTHING to do with their choice of politicians? Um..George Bush is a PRICK. Rudy Giuliani is a PRICK. Fred Thompson? Prick. John McCain? Yes...that John McCain, who dropped "f-bombs" all over the Senate this term...he's a PRICK, too. I just think that it's sexist to assume that, since she's a woman, she has to avert her eyes or speak in her higher register to make people like her.

That being said, though, I DO think it's VERY appropriate to say that you don't like Hillary because of her stupid stance on the war, and her significant drift toward the right. And, though I do think that her high negatives could be overcome - as they were in New York - it may be too big a risk to attempt that in such an open year. (My lesson: It's OK not to like her. But, don't like her for the right reasons.)

Still, though, I WAS pissed at the way Edwards and Obama were tag-teaming her. I was VERY pissed after Edward's supercilious comments about her tearing up, implying that she's not fit to govern because she showed the strain of the campaign for a second. (Shit, I'M about ready to cry, and it's just January!)

Obama's comment in the debate - "You're likeable enough, Hillary" - just irritated me further. Cripes! Like you need to be outraging the pissy women right now, Barack! Maybe he's NOT experienced enough to be president.

Anyway...I guess I'm still with Barack. But, as an official member of a focus group, I'm just letting him know that he needs to do a little better, with us, VERY QUICKLY.
The Man is officially snipped, BTW. No pain; he went to work today and is out partying right now. It didn't sound totally pleasant, but it was EXTREMELY fast; he was in, altered, and out in half an hour. (They do these things without scalpels now. Amazing.)

I am at peace with it. I still think that, somewhere, there is a little boy that I should know. One that looks just like The Man, and nothing like me. (That's probably a pipe dream. My father's genes? COMPLETELY dominant. Every one of his grandchildren is a carbon copy.)

Who know? Perhaps I will meet him later.


Lee said...

I think it's safe to say that any boy we would have had would not look like me — he'd look just like your brother and your nephews.

Or the mailman.

Karla said...

Um...Mags? If you meet a little boy down the road that looks just like Lee I think that SOMEONE will have some SERIOUS 'splainin' to do....

Lee said...

Oh, and honey? I just LOVE it when you talk about my genitalia in front of the whole frickin' world. I'll be sure to put a few posts about your va-jay-jay over on my blog. :-)

Jaye Joseph said...

Let's talk about Hillary for a minute. I'm of that camp that doesn't like her. Don't like her original stance on the war, don't like the fact that she won't apologize, don't like the fact that to me, she seems to be in this for power rather than because she wants/thinks she can do a great job.

And now? I really don't like her because the whole "softer side o' Hillary" in New Hampshire was sofa king contrived. In my opinion.

Clark said...

Mags, your thoughts on Hillary are very, very similar to mine.

She is an enigma, though. Harper's places Bill and her in the "non-ideological" box (anything to win?) and right of center. Wikipedia, on the other hand, has links to several seemingly non-biased sources that rate the liberalness or conservativeness of politicians. All of these mark her as solidly progressive/liberal.

And, Jaye, with all humility, I must say that I perceive the "moist moment" in New Hampshire as spontaneous and un-engineered.

But, speaking of moist moments, I must also confess that Obama's concession speech in NH pretty much made my eyes glisten, if not tear up altogether.

How about an Obama/Clinton ticket? The white men have had their chance.