Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm watching a Food Network special on my new favorite Kansas City joint, Grinders.

All kinds of awesome beer, good food, hip/arty/punkish'd hardly guess it's in Kansas City, the home of Applebee's and multiple AOR stations. It's the kind of place that I desperately wanted to hang out at when I lived there...but, sadly, it's a fairly recent addition.

However, more to the point, this effing show is making me HUNGRY. Salmon, cream cheese, and pesto pizza? Tandoori chicken pizza? CHILI AND TATER TOT PIZZA?

Fuck, I hate dieting.


On that front, how many of you Weight Watchers-lovers out there make that zero-point cabbage soup that they're always espousing?

I do. I know I'm deep in the throes of dieting when I start to crave it. And there's a BIG BIG container of it in my fridge, right now.

By the way, to hell with the proportions in that recipe. Use your biggest pot, cut up the whole cabbage, and throw whatever green vegetables you want in there and sautee them in Pam. After they're soft, shake a random and unspecified variety of common spices onto the top of it, and pour a few boxes of chicken broth over it. Let it simmer. Finally, not too far before it's done, put in some diced zucchini. That is all.

I actually like the way it tastes, and eating it will assuage minor hunger pangs.

However, it is oddly soul-crushing.

You know?

The big news around the Mags household is: I've fired the opening salvo in the Younger Girl Bedroom Floor Reclamation Project.

The Big Girl Bed and Dresser were delivered on Friday, and I spent Sunday breaking my self-imposed IKEA moratorium to purchase and assemble a new bookshelf and toy shelf.

Most of the toys and books are still sitting in containers in my living room, but there is slowly developing an infrastructure in which to replace them that is NOT the middle of her floor.

Huzzah. I'll post a picture when I get it done. And the best part? It's Princess-A-Riffic!

(All you with girls out there...are they all as crazed for Giselle, from Enchanted, as mine is?)

Hey, South by Southwest is coming soon!

Who's going? I'm up for Film, anyway...


Jaye Joseph said...

Are you doing Core or Flex? I made this amazing eggplant and polenta casserole last night. It's core, so I don't know the points, but I'll post the recipe to my food blog in a minute.

I'm doing Core and someone's going to die if I don't get a cookie or something soon.

JoyBugaloo said...

I did Old School Weight Watchers back in the day (before all the points nonsense), but I used to do the same thing. Now I don't like cabbage, but I'd take one meager portion of meat (ground beef or turkey) and then add every legal vegetable allowed along with tomato sauce (crushed tomatoes, actually), chicken broth, and whatever seasonings amused me. And then I would live on that cauldron of vegetable soup all week whenever I thought I was going to perish from the hunger!

Good luck with your New Year's resolution! --Gina

a beer sort of girl said...

Cabbage soup is supposed to be soul crushing. It is it's only purpose.