Monday, January 07, 2008

Snippage Angst

Aieee, you guys!

(TMI forewarned...)

The Man is planning to have THE PROCEDURE on Wednesday! And I'm freaking out (a little) because I (almost, sorta) wish that he wasn't! (But not really.)

Sigh. I don't want any more kids. I really don't. Except sometimes. Like now. NO! I'm tired of paying day care! And I want to go see movies again! And I don't want to have to buy any more diapers or Baby Bjorns or cute widdle snuggly footie sleepers or anything like that. Because I'm just...done with babies.

I'm done, with babies.



Karla May said...

Kudos to The Man. And to you for keeping your baby lust in check.

Really. You don't want one. You just want friends young enough so that you can play with theirs.

Clark said...

I know the feeling. Not at all sure three would be a good idea. Love the idea of having another one. Hate to see this part of life pass by. Hate to see the end of possibilities.

I admire the Man for being man enough for the stirrups and scissors. The procedure is not at all appealing to me, and equally awful is the termination of the possible-- even if I knew I'd never send the boys swimming to start new life again.