Monday, January 28, 2008

A Conundrum

A problem, a snafu, a concern. I have a dilemma.

You see, I want, very much, to post to this blog regularly. However, usually, the only time I get to post is the time between nighttime chores and bedtime - as is the case this evening. (I'll go out on an old-lady limb and allow that this time is 10:00, which, when staring at 6:00 AM every morning, seems later and later to me.)

Sadly, though, what I've discovered is that blogging, instead of relaxing me, wakes me up. Clearly - though it is probably not readily apparent to you - I'm thinking when I'm writing, and I suppose that gets my blood flowing. Afterwards, sadly, I'm usually up for at least an hour, often more.

It may indeed be a coincidence, but most of my raging insomnia has indeed occurred since I started this blog. (As has the very initial stages perimenopause, of course. Probably shouldn't overlook that in this equation.)

I'll keep blogging, I'm sure; it just becomes difficult to look at the computer when you saw the hour of 3:00 AM the night before, especially if you think it might be contributing to the problem.

Damn kids. It's all their fault. All insisting that they need to "brush their teeth" and "do their homework" and all that. Bloodsuckers.

Diet Lowdown: 1 month in (more or less)

Pounds Lost: 8 (but I can't count those. Those were market correction pounds after the holidays. Anything further, I'll count.)

Times to the gym: At least four times per week, cardio each time, cardio plus weights three out of four days

Classes taken at the gym: None. Still a bit intimidated. Still wish I had a friend there.

Times deviating from diet: I had several glasses of wine the other night; still within my "flex points," but still not adviseable. Went to Mandola's; had a salad, but couldn't resist one lemon Angeletti cookie. (Christ, they're good there. We ALWAYS get some.) And, there's the Girl Scout Cookies, piled up of course all over my living room floor; I've had a couple of those, but probably a sum total of four or five so far, over the past two weeks. So, that's not too bad, I think.

Progress on the pants: The fat pants are now very comfortable. I am so-so on the mid-fat pants. I wore a pair today that felt fine in the morning, but seemed a bit touchy on the outer thigh by the end of the day. (For this, I ate nothing but a Lean Cuisine for lunch? I ask you.) The thin-fat pants are still tight; buttonable, but not wearable, except perhaps with a very forgiving hip-length top.

As is par for the course, lately, I've been kind of squeezing my belly absently every morning, thinking, from whence this muffintop? However - though I freely admit that I could be imagining it - I thought it felt just a tiny bit less muffiny this morning. More of a biscuit, really. So, perhaps there's home.

Pots of Cabbage Soup made: Two

Outlook: Fairly good. I missed working out today, and didn't feel like counting points with dinner (lean pork loin and green salad, so I wasn't really worried - though I did have a Lemonade also). I shall redouble efforts tomorrow.

I've decided that I'm noncommittal on the Hillary vs. Obama question. I think I've come to the conclusion that both are flawed, and both have their strong points, and that it really doesn't matter to me who wins, as long as that person beats John McCain and/or Mitt Romney.

Some say that I'd better support Obama, as he can pull more independents over to vote for our side than Hillary.. but I'm not 100% convinced just yet that he really has the stuff for me.

My idealistic side is warring with my practical side; though I want to believe. I really do.


Anonymous said...

There are going to be simultaneous Obama and Clinton rallies at DU tomorrow am. Sadly, I am going to miss both as our oldest is ill and our youngest has been fighting off the crud for the past week as well. Hubby and I are scrambling to split the day as both of us have hellish work schedules this week. So at least I don't have to make the choice which to attend as Barak will be here in person, but Bill is stumping for Hillary and I would LOVE to see them both. Our caucaus is next week, so am going to have to make up my mind before the 5th....Anita

Martha said...

I really hope you don't stop blogging. I like reading about someone's life that seems about as chaotic as mine! Better yet, when you write about life you put a funny, irrevrent spin on it that I love.
But I do understand your need to sleep. And if it came down to it, I'd choose sleep over blogging any day.