Thursday, March 15, 2007

If I WERE attending SXSW...

Last night, I would have gone to see The Bravery and Hayseed Dixie (the country AC/DC cover band).

Tonight, I'd be at the Stax records revue, followed by the Hacienda Brothers, then the Mother Truckers, and then either the Polyphonic Spree or What Made Milwaukee Famous. (There's also a band called Les Breastfeeders from Quebec that, quite frankly, just had me at the name. Also, though, their music sample rocks pretty hard, albeit in French.)

Tomorrow (Friday) morning, I'd go see Bob Mould at a free party at Emo's. Then, if I were Badge Scum, I'd be kind of fascinated to see Thomas Dolby at 2:00 in the afternoon. Later, I'd likely attend the free early Ozomatli and Public Enemy shows at Town Lake. Afterwards, I'd be at the New Orleans music "Ponderosa Stomp" lineup at Opal Devines all night, though I might be tempted over to briefly see Kelly Willis at the Austin Music Hall or Badly Drawn Boy at Stubbs.

Saturday, I'd party all day at Mojo (Nixon's) breakfast, then go to the Auditorium Shores shows, and then go see the Buzzcocks at 8:00. Then, against my better judgment and with a fair amount of shame, though I would TELL everyone I was going to see Spoon and The Stooges, I would really probably end up at the Maggie Mae's show with The Presidents of the United States of America and Bowling for Soup. (I loooove that song "1985." Perhaps in a similar vein, the song "Something About You, by Level 42, just came on my iTunes. That song - without fail - will ALWAYS put me in a good mood.)


Oh, well, I guess if I were going out, I 'd probably have to hang out with these drunk losers:

Dodged a bullet there, I'd say.

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Bookhart said...

Sigh. Me too.