Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm only 86% white?

I'm hipper than I thought!

Yes, the substantive blogging hiatus continues, with yet another silly quiz. I apologize. YOU DON'T DESERVE THIS, Todd.

I do have a good reason, though, even besides the typical summer swim-lesson and snow-cone stand schedule. To scrape up some badly needed additional cash, I've broken my solemn vow and taken on some - sob - summer work. First time in THIRTEEN YEARS.

It's not bad, actually. The money's good, and, though it takes time away from my newest obsession (the Wii Fit - I've re-lost four pounds! Woo!) it's not completely horrible to engage my brain for a couple hours here and there over the usually-torpid summer months.

The children's brains, however, are suffering. I'm being indulgent on the Wii since we just got it, but it's becoming fairly obvious that the school year will require stricter controls. I feel it will probably give a good incentive for homework completion this year, though, which may be important as the OG will be starting the third grade in the fall...the grade in which, I'm told, that the more serious homework starts.

Speaking of homework, though, I'd better get cracking. Gots to pay for the upcoming Port Aransas trip somehow.


Aimee said...

I came up 29% white - off by 40%!!

JoyBugaloo said...

Ok, Mags. I have one for YOU! Have you checked out the website "Cake Wrecks?" Nicole posted about it on "Baking Bites," and Lord help me, I am work right now with tears streaming down my face and co-workers wondering if I'm insane!

These are my favorite entries:

You must check it out. --Gina

j3black said...

I'm 57% white. Must be my first name. Signed, Jimmy Black.

Bill Shirley said...

Do you love Coffee? true/false

Do you feel compelled to point out the flaws in others writing?

"You are: 0 White"