Sunday, August 03, 2008

Bullets 4 U

What I'm doing (instead of posting here, clearly):

  • Recovering from The Man's 40th Birthday Burnet Road Bus Tour and Pub Crawl yesterday. Lordy. Would you like to know the definition of a bad idea? Mixing 103-degree temperatures with strong beer, extended over the course of 14 hours...and throw all that onto bumpy mass transit. Freak show, and yet oddly entertaining...JUST LIKE US.
  • Catching up on last season's episodes of Mad Men.
  • Avoiding leaving my house. Did I mention it's 103 degrees?
  • Finishing the OG's two weeks of swim lessons, only to start the YG's two weeks of swim lessons this week, only to then be completely done with summer. Gahhh.
  • Reading "Twilight." (I can't see why this is tapped into the zeitgeist, honestly. If you want a teenage mortal-vampire love story, um, I need point you no further than Buffy The Vampire Slayer, where it was done first, and WAY better.) Talk about your needs-no-attention-span summer reading fluff, though; it's as insubstantial as a cobweb, but it diverted my attention briefly. I also got the new David Sedaris, of course.
  • Going to physical therapy for my recovering surgery ankle and carpal tunnel. Also exercising again, thankfully. It's been a while, and I look it, and feel it.
  • Going to see The Dark Knight. Yes, and yes,, yes. It's that good. And my late, lamented Heath is as amazing as they said he was. In-fucking-delible. Makes Nicholson look like a complete cartoon.
  • Contemplating my annual fall return to work.
  • Experiencing the nightly 3 AM hot-handed joy that is perimenopause. (Actually, at 38, I'm young enough for what I'm going through to be dubbed "premature ovarian failure," which is good, because that term is WAY sexier.)
  • Um, aborting this entry early because of the passing out directly due to the first bullet.

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JoyBugaloo said...

LOL! Sometimes I think we were separated at birth! I myself have just finished reading "New Moon" (the second Meyer Vampire epic), and don't think I won't be buying the other two today after work as my final guilty summer reading pleasures! (And I agree--Buffy is way better, but these books fill a small part of the hole inside of me now that Buffy's gone.)

Secondly, I just saw "Dark Knight" this weekend on the IMAX in Montreal. you were being dangled over Gotham on a string! And Heath, dear, stupid, talented, much-missed Heath--Oscar nod for sure! Brilliant!