Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oh, help me, y'all.

This afternoon, we dropped the OG off for her first overnight - without parents - Girl Scout Camp.

And - I was SO excited for her right up until we got there. I know the other three girls that are going; stellar young ladies, all. Two of them are bestest friends, but I felt OK about the OG going, and not feeling like a fifth wheel, as there was indeed an even number.

However, when we got there, four had been expanded to five, with the addition of one of the girls' cousins. So, there we were, in the cabin of many, many Brownies, with the only girls that the OG knew being two best friends, two cousins...and the OG was suddenly buddy-less.

I could have cried when she reached for one of the girl's hands and the girl withdrew it to cling to her best friend. And, I could have cried more when the OG turned to me, stricken, but with no time to say anything, as they were immediately whisked away to dinner.

As they were walking away, a tearful little girl, also sans partner, introduced herself to the OG. I'm clinging to the hope that this bodes well for my child, and that she won't spend the weekend obsessing over friends whom she perceives are slighting her.

I HATE little girl friendship stuff. I hated it THEN, and I hate it NOW.

Are little boys like this?


Badger said...

In my limited experience, NO, boys are NOT like this. It's a girl thing, and I hate it, too. Every single day my girl child comes home with a tale of woe about how one of her friends is being mean, or how one friend is nice unless a different friend is around, or whatever. GAH. I really don't remember going through this much, but then I wasn't very social and my girl really, really is.

I hope the OG finds a friend and has fun. My guts feel a little twisted on her (and your) behalf!

St. Murse said...

As I recall, with boys there's a lot of group play and your standing is based on how loud and aggressive you are. Physical prowess is also key. Weakness (of any kind) and inability to throw a ball correctly is what gets you ostracized.

j3black said...

I think the friend politics is there regardless of gender. But I was a little girl in a little boy's body. Didn't really fit in at kickball or jump rope. Your mileage may vary.

But I do remember one day my friend Margaret brought her sister's Rocky Horror Picture Show Book and we spent all of recess looking at it near the monkey bars. We were, like, 10 or something. Best. Recess. Ever.